Top 10 Skyrim Transformation Mods

You will never guess that Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a game that is six years old if you refresh your game with some of the mods on our list. This time around we take a look at the absolute best Skyrim transformation mods that either improve the existing ones or add completely new forms with which to terrorize the populace.

Top 10 Skyrim Transformation Mods


Tired of plain old skinny werewolf and underwhelming vampire lord? Add any of the mods on this list to massively improve the vanilla transformations and add a few new ones to provide yourself with plenty of new roleplaying opportunities for your 100th Skyrim playthrough.

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Skyrim Transformation Mod Vampire Lord

Vanilla vampire experience is underwhelming, to say the least, and every player should have a vampire improvement mod in their load order. I prefer Royal Bloodline as it makes a Vampire feel powerful with new abilities, better stats and plenty more. Combine that with a vampire lord retexture or a replacer a bit lower down this list and you can finally have that true vampiric experience you’ve been thirsting for. Pun intended. 


Skyrim Transformation Mod Werewolf

Werewolf’s get even less love than vampires in the vanilla game but mods have you covered. Werewolf mastery is set to massively improve your experience. With the mod installed you can customize your stats for the beast as well as your human form, you get a host of new abilities and really feel the power of the transformation as NPC’s run in fear. Combine it with the fearsome Apex Werewolf mod to improve that skinny vanilla Werewolf form into one that is more bulky and fearsome.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Werewolf 2

Werewolf form replacers, they don’t grant new abilities but look absolutely awesome. They will offer you plenty of roleplaying possibilities. One will get you a bit more in touch with nature, and the other is plucked straight out of a Doom game and it turns you into a massive, highly detailed demon.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Vampire Lord 2

A plain old texture replacer for the vampire lord form. This one looks absolutely horrifying. Vampire Lord becomes more demonic with decaying flesh, horns and spike protrusions on each limb. It’s a horror show come alive in the world of Skyrim.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Dragon Aspect

If Dragon aspect shout was a complete disappointment for you when you first got it, this mod is for you. Not a mere status boost anymore, it literally turns you into a spectral dragon with the addition of animated wings and tail, shouts used exclusively by dragons, new powers and when combined with any flying mod out there is an amazing sight to behold. 


Skyrim Transformation Mod Demon form

A perfect transformation for anyone roleplaying a necromancer or a fire mage. It literally turns you into a big ass demon with a host of powers that will let you decimate your enemies. And everyone will be your enemy once you transform. I guess they don’t take too well to giant fire demons stomping around their wooden houses.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Vasto Lorde

Transformation plucked right out of the manga and anime Bleach. It will turn you into a demonic hollow beast, give you a massive strength boost and give you the power to cast a Cero, a signature hollow power from the manga – essentially a big red energy ball that obliterates everything around you.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Shapeshifter

The ultimate shapeshifter mod is a collection of spell tomes that allow you to transform into almost any creature in the game. It’s not at the top of this list cause as the transformations lack animations, the mod doesn’t have a dedicated story and some creatures like dragons don’t work properly. But everything else is a fair game and you can now even roleplay as a rabbit if you so desire.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Become a dragon

I myself expected for Dragonborn expansion to let me ride Dragons. Like really ride them, wherever I wish. Since I wasn’t granted my wish mods came to the rescue. But they gave me something much better – the ability to transform into a dragon. A fully flyable and controllable one. Need I say more? Install burning skies mod. That is all.


Skyrim Transformation Mod Wrath of Nature & Undeath

Two mods take the top spot. Wrath of Nature and Undeath. This is because they offer very functional, thematic and awesome transformations with unique abilities. They don’t feel shoehorned in but like they have been the part of the game from the get-go and even feature extensive, high quality and fully voiced quests to obtain the transformations. Wrath of Nature offers 8 unique transformations while Undeath gives you the possibility to become a Lich that looks like like a more badass version of a Dragon Priest.So these are our Skyrim mods featuring some highest quality and unique transformations and transformation improvements. If you feel like we skipped over some be sure to let us know down in the comments cause we are always on the search for great and unique mods like these.

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