Lights Out! Quest: Becoming a Pirate in Skyrim

Want to become a pirate in Skyrim? This quest guide will show you how to do just that. From Dragonborn and rebel fighter to vampire hunter and thief, Skyrim allows the player to assume an incredible variety of roles. The Lights Out! quest allows players to cause a ship to crash on the shores and loot the treasure within.

Lights Out! Quest: Becoming a Pirate in Skyrim
To begin the quest, approach Jaree-Ra in the streets of Solitude. He will then explain to you that he plans to rob an imperial ship which is soon to dock near Solitude. Jaree-Ra will tell you that a large share of the ship’s loot will be rewarded to you if you do the simple task of putting out the fire of the Solitude Lighthouse. The boat will crash near the shore and he claims he has a crew ready to intercept. If you ask what is to be done with the crew of the shipwreck, he will slyly tell you that it is none of your concern, but he implies that they will be eliminated.

Travel to solitude lighthouse

The lighthouse is just a short trek northeast of Solitude. If you’ve already discovered the East Empire Trading Company, fast travel to that location and head northeast from there. Once you arrive, climb the stairs and put out the fire. There will be no guards but if you unlock the door at the base of the stairs there will be a lighthouse keeper with a small amount of loot, no rare items, but he has some cheese wheels.

Return to Jaree-Ra

After you put out the fire in the lighthouse, Jaree-Ra will be waiting near the East Empire Trading Company. Find him and speak to him and he will then share with you the location of the shipwreck of the Icerunner.

Travel to the Wreck of the IceRunner

The wreck is just East of Solitude. Upon approaching the ship, you will be directed to the bottom floor of the shipwreck where Deeja will be waiting. Find Deeja at the bottom of the ship and speak to her. Upon speaking to her, she will tell you that your reward is a quick death and begin attacking you.The ship is full of Blackblood Marauders who are decently skilled in combat and they too will attack you. Defeat Deeja and loot her body, pickup the note from Jaree-Ra. Defeat all the marauders on the ship as well. They are a little more powerful than your average bandit, so it’s recommended to do this quest with a companion.

Read the note from Jaree-Ra

After reading the note on Deeja’s body you’ll learn of Jaree-Ra’s betrayal and the location where he stashed all the loot from the Icerunner. Travel to the Broken Oar Grotto which is a little bit west of the Solitude Lighthouse. It’s best to fast travel to the lighthouse and travel by horse or on foot from there.

Collect Your Spoils

Defeat all the Blackblood Marauders in the grotto, pick up the key from the captain’s body or Jaree-Ra’s body. This key will unlock the chest of the Icerunner which will have a moderate amount of loot waiting for you. The chest of the Icerunner will be in a small suspended ship above a larger ship. Loot the chest and if you wish, the bodies of the marauders will have moderately valueable armor and weapons if you have the carrying capacity.

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