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Creeper Minecraft Guide: All You Need To Know

Creeper is one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft, and this ultimate guide shows you how to find, kill, and everything else you need to know about the Creeper in Minecraft. After reading this, you'll know what to do next time you see one lurking in the wilderness.

Creeper Minecraft Guide All You Need To Know

A Creeper is a common Minecraft hostile mob and one of the famous enemies in gaming overall. Over a couple of years, Creepers became a symbol of Minecraft, representing the game everywhere in media and the outside world. As a result, they’re quite interesting when you take a deeper look at how they function, what they do, and how they were even made in the first place.

So get ready to learn more about this infamous Minecraft mob, as this Minecraft guide will show you exactly everything you need to know about him before you encounter him during your playthrough.

What Is A Creeper And What Does He Do

A Creeper is a common hostile mob in Minecraft which explodes if you get too close to him, in most cases killing the player instantly and destroying everything around them. He’s one of the most famous Minecraft mobs and one of the oldest as well, being present in the game all the way from 2009.

It’s weird to think about how the Creeper is older than many of Minecraft’s player base.

Creeper Ingame

Creeper Ingame

Creepers become Charged Creepers when they’re struck by lightning, making them even stronger and especially deadlier. As a result, they’re one of the most destructive mobs in Minecraft. Charged Creepers are easily distinguished by the light blue energy aura surrounding them.

Down below you can see how much the Creeper deals damage on each difficulty – this table is also valid for the Charged Creeper.

Normal Creeper’s Damage
Easy 11 health
Normal 21.5 health
Hard 32 health


Charged Creeper’s Damage
Easy 21.75 health
Normal 42.5 health
Hard 63.75 health


Also: Did you know that a new Minecraft update removed all Notch references from the main menu?!

Where Does A Creeper Spawn In Minecraft

Creepers will spawn in almost any biome in the Minecraft Overworld on solid blocks under the light level of 0. The only biomes where they can’t spawn are mushroom fields and deep dark biomes. Creepers spawn in groups of four, and they can be quite dangerous if you have just started with your Minecraft playthrough.

What Does A Creeper Drop In Minecraft

Creepers in Minecraft are one of the main sources of gunpowder and the only mob capable of dropping music discs. They have unique and useful drops you should know about.

Here you can see the items you’re able to get when you kill a Creeper:

  • Gunpowder (0-2)
  • Music Disc (1)
  • Creeper Head (1)

You can get a music disc from a Creeper only if killed by a skeleton or a stray, and a creeper head only if it’s killed by a charged Creeper.

Creeper Origin Story

The first ever traces of Creeper’s development date back to August 20th of 2009, when Notch showed a failed big model he decided to keep in the game for a new creepy creature, which would become the Creeper.

“it looks creepier when animated … haha, I’ll keep it for a creepy creature. =D”. -Notch

Beta Creeper

Beta Creeper

Creepers are the oldest mobs in the game if you don’t count Steve and deleted human models from the game’s early stages. Later on September 1st, 2009, Notch would release on The Word Of Notch, his Tumblr blog, a Creeper model with the iconic green texture we know and love today.

Game Theory: What ARE Minecraft Creepers?!?

It’s probably the most famous mob origin story and the most iconic one as well. Creepers are truly a special mob in Minecraft and the peak of character design.

FAQs About The Minecraft Creeper

Was the Creeper made by mistake?

Yes. Notch accidentally made the Creeper’s model during the earliest points of Minecraft’s development. Despite being a failed pig model, Notch liked how the design turned out because he thought the model would be good for a new creepy mob. And he couldn’t’ve been more right.

Are Creepers afraid of cats?

Yes, they are. Creepers are scared of cats and ocelots in Minecraft for some reason. So once they encounter one, they’ll run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. This is great if you want to protect yourself from them by keeping a cat as a pet.

Do Creepers burn during the day?

No. Despite being a hostile mob that spawns during the night, Creepers don’t burn during the day, and they are resistant to sunlight. However, they are dangerous because they can surprise you when you least expect them, and the damage they can do is pretty huge.

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