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Minecraft: How to Mine Diamonds and Netherite in 1.18

With the full release of Minecraft 1.18 just around the corner, this guide helps you find diamonds and netherite in the most efficient way. Whether you're a Bedrock or Java player, Minecraft's latest update will blow your mind with new astonishing caves, but fully mastering the 1.18 version requires new techniques!

Minecraft: How to Mine Diamonds and Netherite in 1.18

Diamonds and Netherite are undoubtedly the best ores to use for your armour and tools! But finding such valuable ores in Minecraft takes time and sometimes longer than necessary. Especially if you want to start off your hardcore world by crafting and enchanting your gear as quickly as possible to decrease the risk of dying. In order to achieve that, you must mine and find the materials, and this guide will explain some of the easiest ways to find diamonds and netherite in Minecraft update 1.18, specifically.

For those who haven’t gotten their hands on the game yet, you can check out this Minecraft review! Unquestionably a game that seems to last forever thanks to its major updates over the past decade. Let’s jump right into the guide! 

Mining in overworld in 1.18

The newest update of Minecraft allows players to explore completely unique caves and find some of the most spectacular places and creations inside. When hunting for diamonds, the first thought that comes to your mind would obviously be the caves. Who knows what you can spot inside them. But the game keeps changing as time goes by and, unfortunately, as with update 1.18, diamonds do not generate as frequently as they used to. At least the ores that are exposed to air.

Up to 70% of all diamond ores exposed to air will not be generated whatsoever. These will probably be replaced with regular stone or deepslate. That means heading down the cave might be the right direction, but you have to continue digging further to actually find something. The reason for it is unclear, but it doesn’t kill the fun! Mining with your buddies is always a well-spent time.

Exploring caves in 1.18 will be a totally different experience

Exploring caves in 1.18 will be a totally different experience

New mobs do spawn even in the newest biome added to the game, the deep dark cave biome. You’ll eventually encounter a massive creature called Warden, which detects players by noise. First of all, this may not be an issue for those who strip mine because it’s 3.5 blocks tall and cannot pass through 2x1 mines. Secondly, they mainly seek their ways through sound and vibration, meaning you can simply lure them right into lava that you can place right in his path. That’s how you deal with most land-living mobs in Minecraft, and this one too.

Changes in ore distribution

In update 1.18, the distribution of ores changes as the y-axis of the map extends. Most logically, bedrock should be found when y=0, but the numbers go negative now, down to -64. Also, the other end of the y-axis extends to 320. Looking at the data below, you can see the most common altitude to spot each ore.

  • Diamond: y=-63
  • Emerald: y=255 
  • Ancient debris (Netherite): y=15 
  • Iron: y=255
  • Gold: y=-17. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: y=-1, and likely not to be exposed to air 
  • Redstone: y=-63
  • Copper: y=47
  • Coal: Between y=136 to 190
New ore distribution is way more complex than previously

New ore distribution is way more complex than previously

Diamonds, for instance, have the highest probability to generate at the very bottom of the world, but may still be found in y=15 as previously. Just not at the same frequency any longer. As for ancient debris, which is not displayed in the map above, it remains unchanged. It’s not entirely restricted to level y=15 in the nether, but it’s rather the average altitude to find such ore. Please note that this distribution applies to Java edition users. Despite the Bedrock edition being very similar, the distribution of some ores differ. 

You may also wonder how in the world you’re supposed to find emerald or iron in such high altitudes? Although y=255 is likely to be far above the surface, it’s important to remember that emeralds only generate in mountain biomes. That means you’re meant to dig inside the mountains and not straight down.

Other ways of finding Diamonds

While the world generation changes for update 1.18, the structures and treasures are more or less the same. If you run far enough, you’ll come across villages or even desert temples with some valuable loot. Unfortunately, netherite cannot be found in loot chests in the overworld, but the best you can find is diamonds, which is necessary to create netherite. Gold and Iron isn’t too uncommon either.

You're likely to come across these structures if you spawn in a desert biome

You’re likely to come across these structures if you spawn in a desert biome

Desert temples are quite noticeable due to their size, but also something players should keep an eye open for. Sadly, there’s only a 6.3% chance of diamonds spawning in the chests inside. On the other hand, each temple contains 4 chests, which increases the chance. Desert pyramids are fairly common and you’re likely to spot several ones if you run through a desert. There’s also an 18% chance of finding gold ingot.


Even though some players tend to see gold as a somewhat useless ore, it’s still a key resource to crafting netherite ingot. In fact, desert temples are most useful at the very beginning in your newly created world because it’s relatively easy to find and instantly loot. That does not change the fact that it’s a very inefficient way to find diamonds once you’ve gathered resources and can explore deeper down.

Treasure maps are everywhere and you'll most probably find diamonds here

Treasure maps are everywhere and you’ll most probably find diamonds here

If you’re tired of mining and grinding, you can always head towards the ocean and find some buried treasures. Statistically, buried treasures contain loot with the highest probability of having diamonds. 60% of all chests have at least one diamond, making it one of the most efficient ways of hunting diamonds. 

Mining in Nether in 1.18

Surprisingly, as I am typing this now, Mojang has still not intended to change the range of the nether y-axis. Neither have the developers gone out to the community and stated something or given hints. It might actually be a little tricky because, unlike the overworld, nether has a roof. Strangely enough, you can enter the area above the nether roof using a glitch. The question is; how should the developers change the world generation if people have already started building things on the roof? Only a Minecraft developer can tell.

Ancient debris blends in really well with netherrack

Ancient debris blends in really well with netherrack

With that being said, whether the generation for ancient debris changes or not, there are still only a few ways to effectively find them. The first way is to simply create a ton of pickaxes and dig through the entire layer y=15. Preferably enchanted with mending because we all know how short pickaxes last in the nether. Or you can start using a much more efficient tool bed.

Bed mining

The most efficient way to seek ancient debris is to simply try sleeping in the nether. As most of us Minecraft players know, you can’t sleep in the nether because it’ll instantly blow you up. In other words, your bed becomes TNT and you should definitely make use of that for mining purposes. As seen in the image below, you can tell how efficient this mining tactic really is. Yes, it’s more powerful than TNT and doesn’t cost many resources to produce. 

Place bed as far away as possible to avoid taking damage

Place bed as far away as possible to avoid taking damage

You’ll most likely take damage while trying this method. To avoid taking damage, you have to back off as soon as you right-click on the bed. As displayed above, it creates fire and, obviously, you’ll take blast damage from the explosion. This is your opportunity to finally use your blast protection armour that’s most likely been sitting in your chests for ages or about to be used in the grindstone.

Other ways to find Netherite

Bastions are super scary but extremely good to find all the desirable loot. With unmerciful piglins roaming, you have to be careful with how you make your way down to the chests. If you ask me, Bastion Remnant has the best loot in the game and should explain why it’s somewhat challenging to enter the structure. 

Bastions are full of useful loot... and annoying piglins

Bastions are full of useful loot… and annoying piglins

Bastion Remnant generates four different structures whereof each structure has unique kinds of loot. Regularly, there’s about a 10% chance that you’ll find ancient debris in most chests, but what you should aim for is to look for Treasure Bastions. As often seen in Dream’s videos, they don’t hesitate to enter Bastions because, even if it’s difficult, it’ll be rewarding once you’ve reached the chests. Especially in these Treasure Bastions.

There’s a 42.1% chance of spawning a whole netherite ingot and a bunch of enchanted diamond armour and tools. Putting the cherry on the top, there’s plenty of gold blocks surrounding the chests.

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

And that wraps the diamond and netherite mining guide for update 1.18! The wait shouldn’t be too long until the full release and oh boy, I cannot wait to try it out myself. Would you consider it the best Minecraft update so far? Or do you prefer the good old 2010s textures?