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Mojang Releases Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary

Mojang releases a new Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary detailing the upcoming update. Adding majestic new mountains, colossal caverns, and much more, it also increases the world height for the second time. The long awaited update is coming sometime this Summer.

Mojang Releases Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary Cover

Ever wish Minecraft had bigger, badder mountains and deeper, more interesting cave systems? A new Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary from Mojang shows off just that. It features commentary from Game Director Agnes Larsson, Gameplay Designer Henrik Kniberg, and Lead Artist Jasper Boerstra. They say the world height has been increased for the second time. The bottom of the world now begins at y= -64, and also goes higher into the sky than it used to. This provides more room for the beautiful new mountains and cave systems. It also gives players more space for whatever grand creations their imagination can conjure up!

As you might guess, deciding what features to include in a new update is no easy feat. Next it’s time to start iterating on each feature to find what works and what doesn’t. The developers said that when they find themselves always wanting to play test just a bit longer, they know they’re on the right track to making something fun.

Community feedback is also a very important ingredient in their recipe for any new update. Another key they’ve learned is to keep a good balance between features that improve exploration (like new biomes), and reward features (things you seek to find like new mobs). Check out the new Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary just below:

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The upcoming Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update seeks to have contrast between huge caverns and tight tunnels. One of the most important things the developers said about caves is that exploring them should be fun all by itself. They want the underworld to be as fun to traverse as the overworld. Following this idea, they also concluded that caves should be realistic while not being limited by realism. To that end, they give themselves room to bend the rules a bit, as with the Lush Caves biome. They also plan to add rare new large ore veins for players to discover while spelunking.

Staring into the maw of a huge dripstone cavern.

Staring into the maw of a huge dripstone cavern.

There are several new cave biomes coming in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. They are inspired by some real world caves that Gameplay Designer Henrik Kniberg has seen in the past when he used to travel more. He mentions caves in places including New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Stockholm, and the West Indies.

The Lush Caves biome features lots of plant life, with glow berries dangling on vines and lighting the caverns (as seen at the top of the page). These are supposed to be some of the safer and better lit caves in the game. Another new type of cave biome is the Dripstone Caves. They are loaded with stalactites and stalagmites. The full feature set of this update is of course still subject to change, with a launch still many months away.

I found a huge Lush Caves cavern in the current Minecraft snapshot release.

I found a huge Lush Caves cavern in the current Minecraft snapshot release.


As with wandering through twisting tunnels and colossal caverns, mountain climbing, too, should be fun on its own. The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Dev Diary shows how mountains have seen their shape and height tweaked to give them a grander, craggier, and more realistic new look. Players will also have to watch out for the new Powder Snow, as those who step on it will sink in!

The rugged mountain terrain is also home to the previously announced Goat mob, which can attack other entities. Players will need to be careful, as they could get knocked off the mountain by an angry goat if they’re not careful! The developers bring the same attitude to mountains as they did for caves, that exploring them and finding awe inspiring new vistas should be its own reward.

It should be noted that the new mountain generation is only available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta at the time of this writing. It adds five new mountain biomes, which should come to Minecraft Java Edition later as well. As for the new cave biomes, they are in the Java edition, but do not generate naturally yet. You’ll have to create a Single Biome world set to Dripstone Caves or Lush Caves to see each respectively for now, as development is ongoing.

An update to Minecraft‘s underworld has been long awaited by the community. While there is no release date yet, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is set to release sometime this Summer. It will bring majestic new peaks and awe-inspiring new depths to the world of Minecraft.

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