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Minecraft Earth has Started its Early Access

Minecrafters! Did you sign up for Minecraft Earth's Early Access? If so, then the time for playing might just be upon you. Minecraft Earth has officially started today, in the first two countries, Iceland and New Zealand, but yours might not fall behind in their schedule.

Minecraft Earth has Started its Early Access

Minecraft Earth has officially started to roll out its early access today by releasing two locations in which local players who signed up for it can start playing. These locations are New Zealand and Iceland. 

They have stated on their official Twitter account that the roll-out will continue from country to country, although just how long that will take is still uncertain.

Minecraft Earth was first announced back in May, and it features an advance reality experience, not unlike Pokemon GO. It will render the world around you in an accurate way, only in blocks, as if your streets and city blocks were inside the popular game. 

It will also allow you to build structures, using the blocks that you picked up by playing the game, and once those are created, you can then project it into a real-size building that you can walk around or even into. 

Minecraft Earth is the second such game where a popular game uses cellphones to project an enhanced reality environment, encouraging players to get out and about and not just sit down for hours. 

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