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Minecraft Earth has Started its Early Access

Minecrafters! Did you sign up for Minecraft Earth's Early Access? If so, then the time for playing might just be upon you. Minecraft Earth has officially started today, in the first two countries, Ice...

New Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Reveals Gameplay and More

A whole new way to play Minecraft with Minecraft Dungeons! Equip to your heart's content with all the flavors of Minecraft mixed with the intuitive aspects of RPG elements. During Microsoft's E3 prese...

Minecraft update removes references to Notch from main menu

The moment you boot up Minecraft, you're no longer gonna see a splash text mentioning game creator Markus "Notch" Persson on the main menu. The latest update was implemented to remove any mention of h...

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7 Tips to Becoming a Skilled Minecraft Coder & Command Maker

Become a skilled vanilla Minecraft coder! This guide offers 7 tips to get you started on your journey to becoming a master of adding new features to Minecraft using commands. New weapons, blocks, enem...

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Minecraft – A Dad’s Review

Craft, build, mine, explore, learn... Minecraft inspires all this and so much more. In this first person adventure game, you are given a vast open world and all the building blocks needed to create an...

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Xbox Live And Minecraft Goes Free To Play This Weekend

Fight with your friends! Those who haven't taken a subscription can enjoy free Xbox Live service this weekend. Mojang's Minecraft is also available for free this weekend on Xbox One. Good time to play...

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Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch

Minecraft was just released for the Nintende Wii U, but now it's also coming to the Nintendo Switch. Will you buy it again? Minecraft just hit the Wii U fairly recently (in the grand scheme of Minecra...

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New Minecraft ‘Exploration Update’ released

A new big update for Minecraft called the 'Exploration Update' has been released adding many new features to the game. Since release, Minecraft has received a lot of big updated. The newest one o...

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Play Minecraft VR in stores across the United States

Microsoft has released a list of Microsoft Stores where you can play the Minecraft VR demo using an Oculus Rift. If you have or want to buy an Oculus Rift, or if you're a huge fan of the popular ...

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