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Mojang Studios Announces Minecraft Live 2021

Mojang Studios have announced the date for Minecraft Live 2021 for mid-October. The live stream will feature familiar faces, guests from the community, news on all things Minecraft, and more. This will likely include new details on the second half of the Caves & Cliffs update!

Mojang Studios Announces Minecraft Live 2021

Mojang has announced the date and time for Minecraft Live 2021. The live stream event will take place on October 16th at 9:00 am PDT (Noon EDT). Fans will be able to watch the show on PC, consoles, phones, or tablets. So pretty much any device you want. You’ll be able to watch it at the link above, as well as on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

Minecraft Live 2021 will begin with a pre-show, and once again fans will vote to influence the game’s future. The show will feature some familiar people from Mojang Studios and the Minecraft community. Their news post says there will also be a couple of surprise appearances during the block-filled event. More information will be posted on the Minecraft.net/live website as the event draws closer.

Minecraft Live 2021: Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Live 2021 will bring plenty of new information. Last year’s livestream featured the Caves & Cliffs update, half of which has since been released. The second half will release in the remainder of this year, adding in some awe-inspiring new terrain generation. This includes massive new mountains and much-improved cave generation, including cave biomes.

It also showed off Minecraft Dungeons. Furthermore, they just recently announced that the blocky dungeon crawler is coming to Steam. While the six previously announced DLCs have all come out, it sounds like they have more plans for the game. Mojang said as much in their post about the Echoing Void DLC:

Does that mean it’s over for Minecraft Dungeons? Certainly not – there’s plenty more to come – but one thing at a time!

Minecraft Dungeons: Soon on Steam!

We also saw Minecraft‘s Steve and Alex join the ranks of Super Smash Bros. late last year. Of course, 2021 has been a good year for Minecraft, too. In fact, the game set a new active monthly users record this Summer. Now, the Caves & Cliffs update part 2 is inching ever closer, and will likely be a big part of Minecraft Live 2021.


  1. I wish they’d just put Minecraft proper on Steam. I’d like to just have it and let it auto update instead of messing with java versions, windows versions, etc. There’s no downside for Mojang or MS as it would bring in a ton of new sales.

    • I’d agree with you. The thing is, maybe they will at some point. They did just announce that Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Steam. I guess we’ll see, but I can’t say I expect it to happen anytime soon. The Minecraft Launcher is pretty nice for those who play a lot of mods though.


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