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Mojang Sets a New Minecraft Active Users Record

Mojang has set a new Minecraft monthly active users record, as the humble indie game turned juggernaut continues to be incredibly successful. This and a bunch of other information comes from a recent Minecraft franchise fact sheet released by Microsoft.

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Minecraft made news in March when Mojang released a developer log about the upcoming Caves & Cliffs Update. Then last month, it announced that said update is coming in two parts (one this summer and one in winter). Now, according to a Minecraft franchise fact sheet released by Microsoft, Mojang has set a new monthly active users record last month with 140 million active users in April.

It also reveals that the Minecraft Marketplace has sold $350 million worth of mods and add-ons so far. Players have downloaded over 1 billion unique pieces of content from the marketplace. Note that this does not include the original Java edition of the game since it does not have a marketplace. Players of that version are used to downloading and installing mods themselves for free, so it may not have gone over the best (like Valve’s 2015 failed attempt to add paid mods to Steam).

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According to the fact sheet, the game has sold over 238 million copies globally in its lifetime (including Vatican City and Antarctica). It also states that 90% of the US is aware of the game’s existence, and over half of the kids, 9-11 years old, play it in North America and Europe. However, it says the average Minecraft player is more than twice that age, at 27 years old.

Additionally, the game’s Education Edition is licensed for use by 35 million students in 115 countries. Since 2015, they have completed 150 million Hour of Code sessions (through a partnership between Microsoft and Code.org). The education edition, combined with the huge name recognition, has certainly helped Mojang in setting their new Minecraft active users record. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely been helping with that as well.

A window with a nice view

A window with a nice view

Microsoft’s Minecraft Franchise Fact Sheet goes on to say that it is the best-selling game of all time. Not only that but one of the highest-rated, with a Metascore of 93.

The game’s iconic protagonists also managed to join the brawl in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate late last year. What began as a little indie game made by one Swedish game developer has grown into a juggernaut and changed the world along the way.

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