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Minecraft Wild Update Arrives June 7: Here’s What to Expect

Minecraft's next big update is set to release this June 7th. Know the basic updates and new content arriving with it, including the long-awaited mobs, from frogs to the winner of the last mob votes. Here's what Minecraft has in store for what is its wildest update yet.

Minecraft Wild Update Arrives June 7 Here's What to ExpectAfter the success of the much anticipated Caves and Cliffs update and with how much it has brought much needed change to caverns. Mojang has confirmed that the release for their Minecraft Wild Update (v1.19) is set for June of this year. With just under a week to go before release, we cover the basics and what is expected for new content.

The update is coming to both Bedrock and Java editions of the game, with the Bedrock Edition already having an experimental mode to try out some of the new content. And it couldn’t  have arrived any sooner, as a lot of the content in this patch have been long-awaited by the playerbase. A lot has been developed by Mojang to truly bring out the best in their game, and this patch was set to give some much-needed love for aspects of the game that needed it.

The Spooky and the Swampy

Let’s get the largest additions out of the way first. There are two new biomes set for Minecraft‘s aptly named Wild Update. And Wild these places are! First up is the Deep Dark, a new, terrifying biome that’s set in perpetual darkness. It can be accessed by venturing below the caverns (y level zero to be more precise). But be warned, as the new mob Warden is sure to make you think twice before you pay it a visit, this nightmare of the deep will be covered more in the mobs section. For your troubles and terrors however, you could be rewarded with some sweet loot… If you ever make it out of the darkness alive!

The two new biomes

The two new biomes

If ever that made you not want to go cave diving again, second is the Mangrove Swamp. As fans of Minecraft know, the swamps really don’t offer much other than a place to get slime balls and visit witch huts. Neither is it known for its beautiful scenery, unless you vibe with Shrek’s aesthetic. But now, the Wild Update is set to bring new life (literally) to this bleak biome, in the form of new mangrove trees which offer up a new wood type to build along with. The fan-favorite Frogs also make their home here; we’ll touch more on those leaping lads in the next segment.

2 New Mobs 1 New Nightmare

It’s often in updates that the mobs are the most awaited, and here it’s no different. Let’s start with the reason for why the Deep Dark is as terrifying as it is. The Warden is a hulking mob that patrols the new biome. It may not have eyes, but it can and will find you through its hearing, as it can hear the new Sculk Shriekers that act up when a player steps too close. It is also nigh-immortal because of its staggering amount of hp. Oh, and let’s not forget it can two-shot you in your full set of netherite armor too.

The three main mobs set to release

The three main mobs set to release

Next up is the one players have been wanting for a while, the humble Frog. It is perhaps the only mob to have a visually distinct and mechanically different baby form, as they start out as Tadpoles which eventually grow into frogs. Perhaps another neat trick this mob has is its ability to eat small slimes along with magma cubes; feeding it the latter would produce the new Froglight Blocks.

A leap into the next mob is the Allay, winner of the latest Mob Vote. This helpful little sprite is off to give parrots a run for their money. Allays can fly around, similar in pattern to Vexes, but they do prove to be more helpful. Their aid comes in the form of being able to pick up items for the players, given some cookies, of course. And like the parrot, they’re fond of music too, but in note block beats instead.

Minecraft‘s video showcasing more of the Allay’s tricks and concepts.

Even More Blocky Additions

Minecraft wouldn’t be what it is without its blocks, and this update adds quite a few. The aforementioned Mangroves add new leaves and wood blocks and their decorative variants, a sight for builders’ sore eyes. Treading unto the swamps will also bring you into the new mud blocks, which may also be crafted with dirt and water. Mud also has a decorative purpose as they can be used for mud brick blocks, a new addition to the brick family.

A house built using the some of the new blocks

A house built using the some of the new blocks

Aside from decorative pieces, some functional items and features have been added too. First is something you might need if you wanna explore the new swamps or any body of water in general, boat chests. The update now allows your boat to bring a chest with you, helpful for your by-the-bay hoarding needs. New blocks in the form of new Sculk Blocks like the Shrieker, that can summon the warden upon activation. The new sculk blocks also include Sensors that detect movement and emit a redstone signal, along with the Sculk Catalyst that can spread sculk blocks within the area a mob dies. Breaking sculk will also give the player some exp.

The End… of this Article

Minecraft‘s Wild Update is packed to the brim with the content we’ve covered here today. Upon its release, players will only speculate more on what the creative minds at Mojang have to offer, and what terrors they plan to unleash next. Whether it be new mobs or other features,  Minecraft is a game that only gets better with time. Thanks for tuning in, and hopefully, this gets your hype up for its release, as many others surely are.

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