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Minecraft Soars Past 1 Trillion Views on YouTube

In a little over a decade, Minecraft has racked up over 1 trillion YouTube views. Now a bit over a decade old, it is the most-viewed video game on YouTube. In celebration, the video streaming platform has posted a Minecraft stories page and a celebration video to commemorate this massive milestone.

Minecraft Soars Past 1 Trillion Views on YouTube

The video game juggernaut, Minecraft, has been around since 2009. It was then that a blocky new journey began for countless gamers. In the years since then, it has become an extremely successful game. In fact, Minecraft has now amassed over 1 trillion YouTube views. That also makes it the most-watched video game on the platform. The recent release of the Caves and Cliffs Update Part II has only added to that tally.

To celebrate this milestone, YouTube has published a special video to celebrate the occasion. Not only that, but they have also posted a Minecraft Stories page. It delves into the historical Minecraft trends on YouTube and how the game has transcended borders & cultures. It also looks at other ways the player community has used the game’s limitless creative potential to express themselves.

The first story on that Minecraft Stories page goes into a bunch of stats and trends. It says that if all of those Minecraft YouTube views were only 1 second long, they’d still represent a combined 30,000 years of total watch time! It also says that 1 trillion 12″ Minecraft blocks could make a stack more than tall enough to reach the Sun and back. Not only that, it would still have about seven million miles left over!

The early years of Minecraft on YouTube were defined by creators like YOGSCAST Lewis and Simon, davidangel64, Captain Sparkles, SeaNanners, and Sky Does Everything. Even back then players delved into some huge projects, recreating things in the game like the Starship Enterprise. However, content creators quickly evolved beyond just tutorials and huge builds into new areas. These have included categories like animation, speedrunning, survival/hunger games, role-playing, parodies, and more.

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