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Birmingham Nightclub Recreated In Minecraft Raising Money For The NHS

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic nightclubs across the world have been closed. One group of friends were missing Snobs Nightclub in Birmingham that much that they recreated it in Minecraft raising thousands for charity in the process.

Birmingham Nightclub Recreated In Minecraft Raising Money For The NHS

If you are like me and have had a fair few nights out in Birmingham, you have probably discovered Snobs nightclub. Friends Jordan Hooper, Jaymz Goodman and Elijah Woakes were missing their favourite Brummie nightclub so much that they recreated it in Minecraft, raising money for the NHS in the process.

The friends decided to put their creation on social media with an overwhelming response. They set up a sever for people to join and experience Snobs in Minecraft and effectively have a ‘virtual night out’. Players joining were asked to make a small donation to the NHS.

yeah i can't believe we made snobs either tbf

In an interview with the BBC, the lads said “there was a lot less alcohol” than a typical night out, but that everyone was making the most of it. “We heard the cans opening every so often,” said Elijah Woakes. 

Snobs Nightclub contacted the friends prior to the ‘night out’ pledging that they would match the donations that were made. Originally, they told the nightclub that they were expecting to raise around £75. In total, they raised £1351, with Snobs matching it, to make £2702 for NHS charities including the Cancer Research UK, British Red Cross and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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