New Halo Infinite Art Revealed in Calendar

A recently revealed calendar has unveiled new Halo Infinite art. This info comes ahead of the Xbox livestream that is set to provide details on the upcoming game. Images from the calendar show off new locations from Zeta Halo along with a redesign of the vehicle, the Brute Chopper.

New Halo Infinite Art Revealed in Calendar

New details about the Master Chief’s next adventure have surfaced. While many fans might have anticipated the next update about the Halo franchise to come at E3, a recently revealed calendar has given them a sneak peak at some new Halo Infinite art.

Even though some of the images have been seen already in both the 2020 campaign demo and in marketing for the game, others have not been unveiled until now. These shots provide a look at some of the exotic locales on Zeta Halo along with vehicle designs. In regards to the environments, these images seem to show a blending of the futuristic Forerunner architecture with the lush greens of the natural landscape. One image worth noting is the Brute Chopper in the bottom right of the collage. A group of them is seen riding down the side of a ridge. Their sleek white aesthetic appears to be a redesign of the vehicle used in Halo 3.

Despite not showing much, this calendar provides fans with a few glimpses at what is to come in the series. When considering that the fanbase has been waiting years for the series’ next installment, any tidbit of news is a big deal. After the controversial reveal of campaign footage at last year’s Summer Game Fest, the developers elected to postpone the game. Criticism of the game’s visuals was mostly to blame for the delay. A quick Google search for Craig the Brute reveals the community’s concerns regarding the game’s graphics. (Craig was a Brute encountered in the campaign demo.)

Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Trailer

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for more news regarding the game. Microsoft plans to show a lot more of it at E3 in less than a week. The Microsoft event starts Sunday, June 13th at 10:00 AM PT.  

What do you think of the new Halo Infinite art revealed in this calendar? Do you think these images reveal new details about the campaign? Let me know in the comments below.