Don’t Give Up on Halo Infinite

The multiplayer experience of Halo Infinite is starting to glow its lights after having quality of life issues since its inception. With a new season around the corner providing more content to the fans, it is simply the right time for one to return to Halo Infinite for some exciting first-person shooter multiplayer carnage.

Don't Give Up on Halo Infinite

343 Industries has recently announced the third season of Halo Infinite, and it will arrive on March 7. As you expect from a live service game, Halo Infinite promises to deliver new content to the fans.

The trailer showed some of the new official maps made by 343 Industries, and there will be a new weapon and equipment. This is the first time Halo Infinite offered something new outside of maps and game modes.

The new weapon is called M392 Bandit which seemed to be a spiritual successor to Halo Reach’s DMR. The Shroud Screen seems to be like the series take on a smoke grenade like equipment for players to use.

Season 3: Echoes Within Launch Trailer | Halo Infinite

The Power of Forge

There’s no question that players who are still playing Halo Infinite are going to appreciate this content update. However, for those who might’ve not touched the game in a while, you’re probably asking yourself if Halo Infinite is worth returning to?

The answer is yes. The last few updates that 343 has done for the game has been astounding. Halo Infinite’s in-game map editor, Forge, has been improving the playing experience drastically due to the fact that the fans are able to create more maps.

Halo Infinite has always struggled to keep the players interested in playing for the long term since its inception and even the developers are aware of it.

Thanks to Forge, the game is easily taking care of that problem because the fans can easily make maps on their own if they want to play the game with more maps.

The developers eventually created a playlist where they took some of the community’s best maps and made it playable for the fans on the game’s public matchmaking system.

At its core, Halo Infinite is very solid. The guns are very satisfying to use because of how well rounded most of the weapons are in the game’s sandbox.

There’s a lot of skill-based mechanics which makes it rewarding to play. For example, there’s not as much aim assistance compared to the previous titles, so when players get into a one on one gunfight and the winner comes out, it’s an inexplainable feeling.

The Community Collection Playlist is becoming one of my favorite playlists to play.

The Community Collection Playlist is becoming one of my favorite playlists to play.

The equipment are also well thought out and is also part of the whole skill-based experience that the game is conveying. The grappleshot and the repulsor are easily some of my favorite ones to use, and you can get really creative with them.

I hope the Shroud Screen can also offer something similar to those equipment utilities I mentioned.

Miscellaneous News

There has been news regarding about the layoffs that happened recently at 343 Industries. Despite hearing such disappointing news, Halo Infinite is currently on the right path with all the content update it has done in the previous months.

The game is in its best shape it has been so far. It easily feels like a different game than what it once was on launch day.

There have been rumors that a battle royale type of mode is currently in the works. If you’re a big battle royale and a Halo fan, this would definitely be your ultimate wet dream.

Streets is currently my favorite map in the game so far.

Streets is currently my favorite map in the game so far.

Time will tell whether this mode rejuvenate the game’s popularity, but for anyone who is really into online gaming, knows battle royale titles are popular.

According to Steam Charts, Halo Infinite has definitely lost a lot of its population since launch day. However, don’t let these numbers fool you into thinking the game is dead. 

There are still plenty of people playing the online multiplayer, and there is a wide variety of modes one can play. You shouldn’t be having any issues finding matches too.

Time To Wrap It Up

Then, there’s also the microtransactions part which is something I am not a fan of. However, it’s all just cosmetics, and there’s nothing related to pay to win type of content and I don’t think the developers will ever take that route because they will easily get backlashed by their fans for doing so.

There is a part of me that wish Halo Infinite just took the traditional route of how the series used to release their games rather than going the live service route. With that mentioned, I know at the end of the day, they need to find some ways to make money. As of right now, the campaign is only the source of actual game content that you have to spend on.

On the flip side since the multiplayer is free to play, anyone can easily get access to it, and try it out if it is their cup of tea.

If you haven’t played Halo Infinite in a while and you’re in a mood for some multiplayer fun, give the game another go. I believe you will be rather shocked by how different and better the game has evolved since its launch back in 2021.

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