Halo Infinite Campaign: Early Questions

With an overview of Halo Infinite's campaign just released, these early questions have come to surface for fans looking forward to it. The video provides gameplay footage in addition to introducing some new characters. Let's speculate about these characters and plot details.

Halo Infinite Campaign Early Questions Cover

An overview of Halo Infinite’s Campaign hit YouTube on October 25th. It introduces some very captivating new characters, which fans will soon meet in-game. Here are some early questions about Halo Infinite’s campaign based on this overview.

What will happen to Cortana?

This is the big question that will likely be the epicenter of the campaign. I have a few theories. According to Halo lore, Zeta Halo was Master Builder Faber’s workshop for experiments that he wanted to keep secret from the Librarian. He apparently conducted biological experiments on humans that were morally questionable. So, the key to fixing Cortana may have to do with that research. Cortana was created by making an AI clone of Dr. Halsey, hence she has a biological origin.

Halo Infinite - Campaign Overview

This second possibility came to mind when I was thinking about Fallout 4. In Fallout 4’s quest, “Emergent Behavior,” the player must help a Miss Nanny Robot named Curie become as human as possible. Doctor Amari tells the player that the best thing she can do is turn Curie into a synth. For those who don’t know, synths are advanced AIs with synthetic bodies that are indistinguishable from humans. What I’m suggesting is that maybe Master Chief can fix Cortana similarly to how Doctor Amari helps Curie. Perhaps he will determine that binding Cortana to a physical form can end her killing spree.

That leads to another question, what would that physical form be? Some sort of Promethean body is the most likely answer. Master Chief may find a Composer on Zeta Halo that can convert Cortana into a Promethean construct somehow. Or he may simply find a way to bind her to a Data Crystal Chip, which the new AI, “The Weapon,” may be able to help with.

Who is Jega ‘Rdomnai?

I like the idea of Master Chief having a recurring adversary instead of constantly fighting expendable enemies. Jega ‘Rdomnai has potential to be a cool character. His Bloodblades look like deadly weapons. The shorter one he holds in his left hand covers his forearm as if it’s meant to be used defensibly. I am curious to know if ‘Rdomnai fought in the Human-Covenant war. If he did then he may have a personal vendetta with Master Chief, which could be a great subplot. I also want to know what Spartans he has killed to earn the title, “Spartan Killer.”

The Harbinger attacking Master Chief.

The Harbinger attacking Master Chief.

Who is the Harbinger?

Another mysterious character was revealed in this footage. Her name has not been revealed yet, so fans have taken to calling her the Harbinger. Here’s what she said in the video.

The Forerunners’ lies are at an end. I am the Harbinger of the Truth. You are not the future.

She says “the Forerunners” as if she is not one of them, so what is she? If you examine her hands in the above picture you may notice that they look like Elite/Sangheili hands. I can’t wait to find out who/what she is and what her objective is on Zeta Halo.

Those are all the early questions about Halo Infinite’s campaign I have right now. Halo Infinite comes out on December 8th, 2021, so the answers are only a short wait away.

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