9 Tips for Playing Strongholds in Halo Infinite

Here are 9 tips for playing Strongholds in Halo Infinite. The key to winning being the use of situational awareness in knowing when to play offense or defense. One mistake that many players make is simply not playing defense, which results in frequently losing zones and getting outscored.

9 Tips for Playing Strongholds in Halo Infinite

This guide covers 9 tips for playing Strongholds in Halo Infinite. 343 Industries surprised fans by launching the Halo Infinite multiplayer in a beta package on November 15th, 2021. Since then, more game types have come out and more players have joined the fun. Let’s start with some offensive tips for playing Strongholds.

Make the Most of Every Spawn

In Halo Infinite spawning in, approaching an objective, then dying and spawning again, takes a significant amount of time. In Slayer game types that’s not an issue because there’s no objective besides earning a positive kill/death ratio. However, in objective game types like Strongholds time is precious and wasting it will hurt your team. Examples of wasting time include dying on an unsuccessful attempt at taking a zone, and easily being killed on defense thus giving up a zone. 

Don’t walk into fights carelessly, make the most of every spawn. In other words, don’t take a spawn for granted. Try your best to do at least one thing to help your team every time you spawn. Whether it’s killing an enemy or taking a zone, make sure your spawn counts for something. A good way to do that is playing cautiously until doing something positive, then getting more aggressive.

Also, don’t constantly check your Kill/Death ratio when playing Strongholds because it doesn’t impact the score. Strongholds games are won by controlling the zones, not by controlling your kill/death ratio.

Starting a game of Strongholds.

Starting a game of Strongholds.

Hoard Good Gear

Be sure to grab good weapons and equipment as you proceed to a zone. However, don’t go far out of your way to get it because that would waste valuable time. You may not be good at using some of the gear that spawns in Strongholds games, but you should still pick it up if you pass it on your way to a zone. Hoarding gear is about more than just using it, it’s also about keeping it out of enemy hands. Let’s say the enemy team has a player that’s really good at using sniper rifles. The more sniper rifles that player gets, the more zones they successfully steal from you. So, to prevent that you should do everything you can to keeps that player from acquiring sniper rifles.

Situational Awareness: Offense or Defense

As the game makes clear, one must capture and hold the zones to win. Teams must be in control of at least two zones to score. So, if you see that your team has less than two zones then play offense. Go to the nearest enemy-controlled zone and attempt to capture it. If you see that your team has at least two zones, simply go to the nearest one, regardless of which team controls it. In that situation, it’s best to play the clock, rather than the other team. Remember time is precious in Strongholds games. It’s often more valuable to your team to defend two zones than to attempt to take the third. Once you’ve arrived at the nearest zone either capture it or defend it, based on which team currently controls it.

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Accessing the Enemy Team’s Defense

If your team has less than two zones, then you’ll need to capture another one to start scoring. If you see that your team is in that situation upon spawning, then proceed to the nearest enemy-controlled zone and access their defense by using your radar or sneaking to a good vantage point. There are two things to take note of, their numbers, and where they are positioned. Players tend to camp in corners when playing defense, so make sure you scan the whole room. If you are outnumbered, then wait for backup because getting killed will only waste valuable time. Remember, make the most of every spawn.

Try your best to access the defense quickly because you will be seen eventually. If the enemy team opens fire on you and you’re outnumbered, then you’ll need to make a snap decision, fight, or flight. Depending on where you’re standing you may be able to quickly find cover. If there’s nowhere to run, then you’ll have to fight. If it becomes clear that you’re about to die, then through all the grenades you can at the enemies. That way you’ll do all the damage to them you can and if an ally is right around the corner, then they might manage to take the zone.

Defending a zone in Strongholds.

Defending a zone in Strongholds.

Long Range Weapons can Provide an Edge on Offense

Depending on the situation, you might consider using a long-ranged weapon. Players tend to play defense with close-range weapons, so having a sniper rifle can be a huge advantage. If you come across a long-ranged weapon on your way to a zone, then pick it up. As you’re accessing the enemy team’s defense you may want to hide and wait for backup. Once a teammate has reinforced you open fire with the long-ranged weapon. This will often help kill a defender quickly thus overwhelming the defense.

Using Grenades

As I just said you should get rid of your grenades if you’re about to die. There are more ways to use them as well. If you’re unsure if there’s an enemy around a corner, then you can toss a grenade into it to find out. If you do, then be ready to open fire because an enemy that’s just been hit by a grenade will more than likely retaliate. Also, if you encounter enemies with a teammate then you might consider throwing grenades to lower their shields. In that situation a well-placed grenade is often more valuable than opening fire.  

Playing defense with an energy sword.

Playing defense with an energy sword.


In Strongholds, the best way to defend a zone is by camping. That way you can get a jump on any enemies trying to take the zone. So, grab a corner and stay put. Don’t always stand in the same corner every spawn because that will become predictable. Be aware of your position’s strong and weak spots and aim your crosshairs accordingly. If it’s possible for an enemy to see you without entering your radar’s range from your left flank, then you should camp with your crosshairs aimed at your left flank.

Also, make sure that you are outside of the actual zone because if you are in it then your Spartan’s AI will hover in the center. That will alert approaching enemies to your presence.

Close-Range Weapons Can Provide an Edge on Defense

Close-range weapons are your friend when playing defense. They often provide an advantage since enemy players will have to get pretty close to you to attempt to capture the zone. Camping with an energy sword, a gravity hammer, or a shotgun will help you dominate on defense. Keep in mind that using close-range weapons will put you at a disadvantage against enemies using ranged weapons from a distance away. So, pick your spot carefully.

Winning a victory in Strongholds.

Winning a victory in Strongholds.

Most Important Tip: Play Defense!

Once you’ve claimed a zone stay and defend it. The longer your team holds at least two zones the more you score, so don’t leave a zone undefended. The team that plays better defense usually wins. However, many players are only ever willing to play offense because they want the glory of scoring. All too often players will sprint out of a zone that they’ve just captured to try to take another one. That’s a huge mistake that often single-handedly causes losses. Hence, play defense! That is the most important tip of these 9 Strongholds tips.

Your performance may improve if you follow those tips for playing Strongholds in Halo Infinite.

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