FaZe Dominates HCS Global Invitational Dallas 2023

FaZe Clan has finally won their first Halo LAN event for the second season of the Halo Championship Series. This first LAN win is also an important one to the organization's history too. The team is shaping up to reach their fullest potential as they managed to take down various teams without any issues.

FaZe Dominates HCS Global Invitational Dallas 2023

The updated FaZe Clan roster for Halo Infinite has won their first lan tournament for the second season of the Halo Championship Series. The team did not lose a single series throughout the tournament, and won against Spacestation Gaming in a 4-3 victory during the grand finals. Spacestation Gaming only needed one more game to reset the bracket when they were ahead with a 3-1 lead, but FaZe proved they can still play well while under pressure.

The Dallas LAN win is also the first win that the FaZe orginization accumulated under any Halo title. FaZe had to go up against Spacestation Gaming to secure themselves in the Winners Finals, and defeated them with a 3-2 victory.

Before competing FaZe for a possible bracket reset, Spacestation Gaming had a rematch with OpTic Gaming. On June 3, Spacestation Gaming sent OpTic to the lower bracket with a 3-1 victory, but OpTic managed to survive for Championship Sunday. 

During their rematch, Spacestation Gaming had a repeated success against the world champions of the Halo Championship Series’ first season with a 3-1 victory; eliminating OpTic from the tournament and destroying their three LAN win streak.

During the grand finals was getting set up, 343 Industries decided to reveal some of the new content for Halo Infinite’s upcoming season four. They revealed a trailer that was going to include more weapon cosmetics of the current teams for the second season of Halo Championship Series.

Halo Infinite | HCS Partnered Team Weapons Collection

They also gave a sneak peak of the upcoming arena map titled Forest which will be reminiscent to Halo 2’s Sanctuary. There was a confirmation that 343 Industries will also include a remake of Halo 5: Guardian’s Plaza.

The updated FaZe roster is a team of former highly successful Halo 5: Guardians players. Each of the individual members has won a world championship tournament which is the most prestigious tournaments of the Halo Championship Series.

Jonathan “Renegade” Willette, one of the players for the FaZe Clan, did team with majority of Spacestation Gaming members under the Cloud9 organization for the first season of the Halo Championship Series. During his team with Cloud9, Willette managed to win two LAN tournaments before he parted ways.

When Willette left Cloud9, he was replaced with Adam “Bound” Gray, and Willette was under the FaZe Clan organization, but his team was composed of different players.

SOURCE: Twitch.tv.

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