Halo Infinite Weapon Skins Revealed Through Monster Energy Promotion

Here's our first look at weapon skins in Halo Infinite! Monster Energy have partnered with Halo to promote the game and showed off some new in-game cosmetics, including some Monster-themed black and green skins for your weapons.

Halo Infinite Weapon Skins Revealed Through Monster Energy Promotion Cover

Monster Energy has partnered with Halo Infinite to promote the game, and they’ve showed off some new weapon skins and in-game emblems to customise your profile with. Despite the fact that the game is delayed until 2021, the marketing seems to be in full swing. The promotion starts this month in the US, Canada and Mexico. It’ll be coming to Europe on October 1st. The promotion ends in December, so there’s plenty of time for fans to get a chance to access these new skins.

Not only does this confirm that weapon skins are in Halo Infinite, it shows us a detailed look at some of the weapons shown off in the gameplay demo earlier this year. The four weapons shown are the classic Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle and two new weapons – the VK47 Commando and the Sidekick. The skins are based on the classic black-and-green Monster Energy logo, and it translates quite well onto the weapon designs.

It’s no surprise that weapon skins are returning to Halo Infinite. There were loads in Halo 5: Guardians, and they’re even being added as an optional feature to older games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You can take a look at the sleek new cosmetics below.

A look at the first weapon skins to be shown in Halo Infinite

A look at the first weapon skins to be shown in Halo Infinite

Each Monster Energy can also offers an XP-boost. This means for each can you buy you’ll get a boost in-game, which you can use to level up twice as fast. Also revealed as part of the promotion is a new snapchat filter which allows users to “become” the Master Chief. This feature can be accessed using a Snapcode on the cans.

Information on how to redeem your points can be found on the Monster Energy website. Once you submit your receipts on the site you’ll receive a code to redeem. This will allow you to access the cosmetics in-game when the game eventually comes out. It may be a long time to wait though.

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What are your thoughts on this partnership between Halo and Monster Energy? Let us know in the comments below.

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