5 Solo Queue Tips for Halo Infinite

If you're struggling to play efficiently or a returning player in Halo Infinite, these five tips will absolutely help you survive the hardened arena multiplayer experience of Halo Infinite. These tips are specifically designed to help you play better as a solo queue player, and it's going to be very effective to know them in the long run.

5 Solo Queue Tips for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is shaping up to be better and better than it once was on launch day. There can be a possibility that it’ll bring back more returning players to the game if the developers keep making content updates like Season Three. I’ve been playing the game on and off depending on the mood.

There are times where I am busy playing more single player oriented games, but when I’m really in the mood for some fun multiplayer action, Halo Infinite seems to be the game I gravitate towards too.

I generally play alone or solo queue when I’m in the process of matchmaking a game. Playing this game while having no idea how competent your teammates and enemies are is an experience I can say. There will be games where it can be neck and neck which is always a blast to play, and sometimes matches can be one sided on both ends.

However, despite getting matches of varying enjoyment quality, there are ways you can improve yourself as an individual player. I have five tips that I believe are extremely important to know if you want to become a reasonably skilled player at Halo Infinite.

You might not be the next big star player among the highest level of players, but it’ll most likely help you enjoy the game a lot better while searching alone and not needing to play with friends. These tips will only be relevant to the 4v4 game types of Halo Infinite.

Sticking Together

The Halo multiplayer experience has always been team driven, and Infinite is no different. It’s very important for you to pay attention of where your teammates’ locations are at and what they are doing. You need to keep up with their pace. There’s nothing more frustrating when you engage a battle, and you realized your teammates aren’t there to help you finish up kills.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

It’s also important to make sure you never try to leave a teammate completely abandoned from your entire squad. If I realized there is a player on my team who is completely isolated from me and my other two teammates, I’ll try to follow the isolated teammate.

This tip is very much easier said than done, but in reality, it’s important to constantly pay attention of what the entire team is doing and you need to be right up with their pace. Even when I die and respawning, I’m still watching what my teammates are doing. The moment I respawn on the map, I’ll instantly have an idea of what my next move will be.


The beautiful thing about Halo Infinite is it’s the first time in the series that allow you to ping on the map. You can easily use this feature if you’re the kind that prefers to play the game and not use voice chat. It’s important to ping for enemy locations obviously, but for objective plays, it can also be useful too. When I have the skull in my hand during Oddball, I like to ping certain locations for my teammate to guard while I’m holding the ball for points. It’s quite shocking that I have bumped into teammates that don’t use this feature often, but it can be very effective for your entire team because it gives them information of what their next move will be.

Pinging can also be effective if you realized there is a teammate that is nearby a power up or power weapon. You can try to remind them to get it if you’re in a situation where you cannot get them conveniently. In conclusion, pinging is an excellent feature for Halo Infinite, and you should definitely use it a lot in your matches.

Shooting Bots

Just like pinging, this is the first time Halo has introduced bots into its multiplayer component. If you ever want to practice in getting better with your shots, then you just simply need to shoot a lot of bots in a free for all match. I generally like to load the bots on the lower difficulties, start out with a precision weapon like the Battle Rifle, and then just go to town on those bots. You can also spawn with a sniper if you want to get better at getting headshots with sniper-based weapons, but I personally don’t need to.

Livefire is a definitely a great map to practice your shots.

Livefire is a definitely a great map to practice your shots.

Halo Infinite definitely doesn’t have as much aim assistance compared to other Halo titles if you’re a controller player, so it might take some time to get used to the controls. But you can simply get better at shooting by just loading up a bot match and just keep shooting at them until you’re very comfortable with your aim settings. Having good shots is all about muscle memory, and you have to shoot at a lot of stuff to build up that memory.

Play a Role in Objective Modes

I am a big fan of playing Oddball and Capture the Flag. However, it is frustrating to see players playing these modes like it’s Team Slayer at times. In objective modes, players need to have specific roles. That include being the main slayer which means you’re the player who’s going for heavy amount of kills. There is also the player who’s going to capture and juggle the flag back to base. These types of players are very important to protect, but they will also become a high priority at the same time. You also need to have a support role which means you’re either at home to protect your flag or you might be the back up player if something goes wrong while capturing the enemy team’s flag.

For Oddball, there aren’t many roles to be had other than having one player holding the ball, and the rest of your teammates are there to protect you. However, you still have the roles of trying to kill as many players as you can, and also trying to stay alive during hectic situations. These moments can change the tide of a match in Oddball.

Be Aware of How You’re Playing

The final tip I can provide is pay attention how you’re playing. It’s easy to start putting the blame on your allies in team games, but at the end of the day, there is also something you can do to improve your individual skill as a team player. What I try to do is pay if I’m moving around the map smoothly by not getting stuck or lost. I also pay attention if my shots are consistent enough, or am I doing a good job at making my opponents work really hard to kill me, so I can buy time for my teammate’s actions or respawning.

It's also important to learn the item placements on the map too!

It’s also important to learn the item placements on the map too!

I also like to learn special grenade spots if there are certain areas that I think are annoying and I try to learn them to combat them. And of course, I also pay a lot of attention to what my teammates are doing on the map, and I’m keeping up with their pace to help them when needed. These are some of the things I pay attention while playing, and I believe you should too if you want to be an efficient player at this game.

Those are my five tips for Halo Infinite solo queuing. I hope you found them useful, and I hope they will improve your skills when playing the game. These tips can also be effective even if you play with friends and use voice chat by the ways. Remember to go out there, and use these tips while playing Halo Infinite.

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