Halo Infinite Gameplay Teased for Summer by Developer

In the newest Inside Infinite blog, the developers hinted at new Halo Infinite gameplay coming this Summer. Jeff Guy, Producer for Infinite, and Mike Romero, Development Lead on the game, gave additional details on the PC version of the game. New info on ultrawide and super ultrawide support plus cross-play were detailed.

Halo Infinite Gameplay Teased for Summer by Developer Cover

Recently, 343 Industries provided new info on Halo Infinite. Coming by way of an Inside Infinite blog, the developers revealed a large amount of new details regarding the Master Chief’s next adventure. These details included plans for new Halo Infinite gameplay this Summer.

While the latest Inside Infinite touched on a number of topics, the overarching theme pertained to the PC version of the game. Jeff Guy, Producer for Infinite, and Mike Romero, Development Lead for the game, gave a glimpse at some of the new features coming to the PC version.

One major point covered during the article was the inclusion of 21:9 ultrawide and 32:9 super ultrawide support. The developers emphasized that the addition of these new aspect ratios would lengthen the picture horizontally without losing any vertical screen space.

A look at the graphics customization was shown as well. The developers explained how they wished to give players as much control over settings for the game as possible to ensure every player has the best possible experience regardless of their gaming rig.

Mike Romero: Infinite is supporting consoles with different performance profiles. So, we have this confluence of design needs to support many different performance profiles over multiple generations of hardware and many different quality settings to scale to the different performance targets on those platforms, and we want to expose all of that to the PC player to tweak for their personal machine.

A look at the graphics settings available for Halo Infinite

A look at the graphics settings available for Halo Infinite

Other enhancements noted in the news update included mouse and keyboard support for both PC and console play, an FOV slider that can be adjusted up to 120 degrees (this setting is available for both PC and console), and triple keyboard and mouse binds. The developers also noted that cross-platform LAN play was also coming to Infinite

The developer update went on to discuss cross-play between the console and PC versions of the game. PC and console players will have the ability to queue in the same games for ranked and social playlists; however, matchmaking for ranked playlists will be restricted to specific input devices. In other words, keyboard and mouse players will only find ranked matches against other keyboard and mouse players, while controller players will only match against other controller players. This isn’t surprising since 343’s other Halo title on PC, the Master Chief Collection, handles ranked cross-play matchmaking in the same way.  

Beyond the updates for the PC version of the game, Joseph Staten, Creative Director on Infinite, stated that “there are glorious plans afoot” for the game in the coming months. He hinted at plans for Halo Infinite gameplay to be revealed this Summer during game industry events.

This is big news for Infinite, considering that no new gameplay for the upcoming title has been seen since the 2020 Xbox Summer Showcase campaign demo. Poor reception for that gameplay demo resulted in 343 delaying the release of the game for an entire year. Since the delay, fans have been waiting for months to see any new gameplay in regard to the campaign or multiplayer experience.

Halo Infinite is slated to release on Xbox consoles and PC this Fall.   

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