Halo: Infinite Confirmed to Be at July’s Xbox 20/20 Event

Halo Infinite is one of the most hyped games of the next generation, and we will finally see more of it this July. 343 Industries has confirmed that they will be revealing more about the Master Chief's next adventure at the Xbox Series X event. Will any of the exciting game-changing rumors turn out to be true?

Halo: Infinite Confirmed To Be At July's Xbox 20/20 Event

On the latest post to Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo: Infinite will be appearing at Microsoft’s July Xbox Series X event. It has been heavily rumored that this would be the case, so it is nice to hear the confirmation. In the past, only cinematic trailers have been revealed, which has fans clamoring for some gameplay. With Halo: Infinite being an Xbox Series X launch title, it seems that there will most definitely be at least some gameplay. 

Halo: Infinite has a huge amount of hype around it, more than other entries to the series. Fans are waiting for 343 Industries to really impress them, as they haven’t hit a home run with the series yet. It is easy to get excited for Halo: Infinite with rumors ranging from the fact that it may be the first open-world Halo game, to reliable sources of past Halo news like Brad Sams stating that 343 Industries:

“[I]s trying to make the story adapt to decisions the user makes and the game may have more RPG (role-playing game) elements than prior versions of the series.”

Halo Infinite - E3 2019 - Discover Hope

We don’t have any specific date for the Xbox 20/20 Event at this time, but after fan outrage over a lack of gameplay during the May showcase, we should expect to see a lot of these next-gen titles like Halo: Infinite in action. Halo: Infinite is on track to release in the fall of this year, so the wait is almost over!

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