Halo Infinite Trailer; 343 Confirms Master Chief as Protagonist

Today's Xbox Series X Showcase gave fans some long-awaited footage for Halo Infinite and showing just how stunning this next-gen open world shooter will be. 343 Industries also confirmed that Master Chief will be returning as the sole protagonist for Halo Infinite, unlike the previous Halo 5.

Halo Infinite Trailer; 343 Confirms Master Chief as ProtagonistPatient Halo fans have been rewarded with gameplay footage for Halo: Infinite set to release this holiday season. One of the highlights of today’s Xbox Series X showcase was this footage, which showed some nostalgic looking scenery with beautifully updated graphics. Also, GamesRadar reported in an interview with 343 creative director Paul Crocker that Master Chief would return as the sole protagonist for Halo Infinite.

Next-Gen Halo

The Halo Infinite gameplay shows Master Chief exploring the expansive world of a new Halo Ring, “several times larger than our last two Halo games combined,” stated 343 studio head Chris Lee. Halo: Infinite can only be described as “ambitious”; a huge, completely open world with an in-depth campaign to show off the processing features of the next-gen Xbox. While most footage showed familiar alien faces and a world that greatly resembles that of Halo: Combat Evolved, there are a few updates as well. Halo: Infinite introduces the grappling hook, a tool that Master Chief can use on enemies, items, and the environment. The gameplay footage intensely highlighted this, hinting at its importance for the mechanics of the new game.

“We wanted to build a Chief-focused adventure. We wanted to get back to how Halo had been in the past and how players had really embraced wanting to play as Chief.” – Paul Crocker, 343 Creative Director

Another change is the return of Master Chief as the sole protagonist for Halo: Infinite. Previously in Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief followed alongside Agent Locke as somewhat dual protagonists. As Crocker stated, many fans wanted the return of a Chief-centric Halo game once again. From the footage, it seems Halo: Infinite will greatly resemble the series’ original title.

Halo: Infinite will release this holiday season. You can watch the gameplay footage trailer for yourself down below.

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