New Final Fantasy XV gameplay details revealed

The highly anticipated JRPG, due for a simultaneous worldwide release this fall, had new gameplay mechanics detailed in the newest issue of Jump magazine, including looks into the game's link attacks and equipment menu.

Final Fantasy XV
The latest issue of Jump magazine in Japan shared new gameplay details about the highly anticipated RPG coming this September, focusing on link attacks and the game's equipment menu.

In the one-page spread, Noctis can be seen using his companion Prompto's guns to attack as the pair trade off weapons in a field encounter. In another image Gladio can be seen flying over Noctis and striking the beast from behind with a secondary weapon.

Final Fantasy XV Attack possibilities
Translated by Dualshockers, the captions state that "link attacks will vary depending on the circumstances and on what weapons are equipped by each character," proving the game is firmly maintaining the series's role-playing roots.

Though this is the first main series Final Fantasy to take a more action-oriented route, the equipment menu further solidifies this entry's JRPG distinction. Noctis, for example, will have a primary weapon selection wheel of four and an accessary selection wheel of three, and all party members can be controlled via a similar command wheel during battle, allowing for better strategy during gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for a simultaneous worldwide release on September 30th for Xbox One and PS4. First announced 10 years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, there's no shortage of hype around what the newest entry in the universe could bring to the table.

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