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Final Fantasy XVI vs. Final Fantasy XV Which One is Best

Final Fantasy XVI vs. Final Fantasy XV: Which One Is Best?

I analyzed the latest two entries of the mainline Final Fantasy games to conclude which one is the best real-time combat experience. This article will help you know which of the two games suits you be...

Final Fantasy XV DLC cancelled & Director leaves Square Enix

A sad day for FFXV fans everywhere. Not only has the game director left the company, but hopes of seeing the final episodic DLC chapters are nothing but a final fantasy. Revealed along news of company...

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Review

Rejoice! Final Fantasy XV is finally on the PC. The latest entry in the behemoth RPG franchise has been out on the current-gen consoles for more than a year now and the PC version brings a whole host ...

9.6 Amazing
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PC Demo For Final Fantasy XV Out Now

For some time now, PC owners have been eagerly awaiting the Windows version of Final Fantasy XV. Therefore, keen Final Fantasy fans will be pleased to see that the game's developers, Square Enix, have...

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Final Fantasy XV Benchmark Available Ahead of PC Release

The long awaited PC version of Final Fantasy XV is right around the corner, set to release on March 6th. The game’s director, Hajime Tabata claims the Windows Edition of FFXV was built from the ground...

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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Looks Dreary

Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, dubbed "Comrades," looks gloomy compared to the lighthearted journey of Noctis and friends in the early parts of the game. As Square Enix shared new screenshots...

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto DLC Review (PS4)

After the disappointing Episode Gladiolus, Square Enix has brought a more worthwhile and meaningful story to the Final Fantasy XV universe with Episode Prompto. While it isn't perfect, it is a DLC tha...

7 Good
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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus DLC Review (PS4)

Square Enix finally released their first bit of DLC for Final Fantasy XV. While it has a some things going for it, the overall package just isn't exactly what we wanted, despite it's low price. Introd...

5.8 Average
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Final Fantasy XV update spices up chapter 13, squashes bugs

An update for Final Fantasy XV has landed in anticipation of the game's first major DLC, Episode Gladiolus. The update alters the often criticised thirteenth chapter and introduces a number of bug fix...

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