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Here’s what’s wrong with Final Fantasy XV’s story

Something about Final Fantasy XV's story just doesn't work. These are all the ways Square Enix cut corners in telling their 10-year epic. To its credit, Final Fantasy XV is an unforgettable road trip that will leave many players teary-eyed ...

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Final Fantasy XV – New Character Art Revealed

New character art was revealed for Final Fantasy XV on Square Portal's official Twitter account. Be sure to check it out. Square Portal posted on their Twitter account showcasing new artwork for two characters Aranea and Versatile from Fina...

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Final Fantasy XV – Gamescom 2016 Developer’s Interview

See this all new interview from the Developer of Final Fantasy XV from this year's Gamecom. Be sure to check it out. During this year's Gamescom, IGN received an interview from the developer working on Final Fantasy XV where they recei...