More of Final Fantasy XV’s world revealed

A new video released by Square Enix shows off the highly anticipated JRPG's fauna, flora, and music. Releasing in just a little over a month, the game certainly has no shortage of hype surrounding it.

A huge creature that looms over Final Fantasy XV's storyline
Square Enix released a new trailer revealing new environments and monsters for their highly anticipated JRPG Final Fantasy XV yesterday.

The video, shown below, also features the song "I Will Be" by Welsh artist Florence + the Machine. This and two more of her tracks, "Too Much is Never Enough" and "Stand by Me", will be included in the main game when it ships worldwide September 30.

World of Wonder feat. Florence + the Machine

The next installment in the classic series certainly has no shortage of hype surrounding it, with fans waiting 10 years to play the game since it was first shown off at E3 2006. Originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and exclusive to PlayStation 3, the title has since moved on to the next generation of consoles, releasing for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One very soon.

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