Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details

Square Enix held a "New Year's Special" Active Time Report on February 2nd, where Hajime Tabata provided details on upcoming patches and DLC for Final Fantasy XV.
Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details
The release of Final Fantasy XV has been met with – mostly – positive reception. However, one of the universally criticised aspects of the game has been the poor plot pacing and story direction. Hajime Tabata has said in previous interviews that he wishes to update and enhance certain parts of the game that turned out to be rather lackluster in design (*cough* Chapter 13 *cough*) upon release. In order to provide the fanbase with a steady and reliable source of news, Square Enix set up the Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details. Y'know, the one with Hajime Tabata and... the other guy.

One such report occured on the 2nd of February, and provided a lot of information regarding the 1.05 patch for the game (also called the Booster DLC Pack), which is set to release on the 21st of this month. The patch will contain certain additions and updates to the main game, which are listed as follows:
  • Final Fantasy XV will now have native 1080p resolution with 60fps (almost) on the PS4 Pro. 
  • The Level Cap will be increased to 120.
  • Photo Limit will be increased from 150 to 200.
  • Special hunts and quests will be available for a limited time.
  • Most important of all… you will be able to use the MP3 player while riding chocobos.
Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details. In other news, you still have to get off the goddamn chocobo every time you want to pick something.
Interestingly enough, an extra suit of armour was also supposed to be included… but after the announcement Square Enix decided to delay its release to a later date. We'll let you figure out why.
Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details. The artists at Square Enix are either blind or had the shittiest childhood ever.
Other things announced for Final Fantasy XV except for the patch included two DLC teasers, one for Gladiolus and the other for Prompto. 


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    Nothing wrong with chapter 13. You bunch of cry babies.

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      Well, Hajime Tabata himself said Chapter 13 is lacking, so…


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