Top 5 Basic Tips for Final Fantasy XV

Here you'll find the top five basic tips that will make your adventures in the world of Eos much easier. From infinite sprinting, to first person view in the Regalia, there's a lot of weird hidden mechanics in Final Fantasy XV. Some of them may make the game more enjoyable or less difficult.

Top 5 Basic Tips FFXV

The world of Eos is beautiful, wonderful, but sometimes quite brutal. There's hidden mechanics in Final Fantasy XV that you may not find for a while, but are very useful to know when starting the game. So here are the top five basic tips you should know for your adventures.

1. do the basic training at campsites

Basic Training, FFXV
Seriously, the campsites are pretty awesome anyway because you don't have to pay to rest. Here you can do the basic training by selecting the training option when reaching a campsite. You'll be able to fight against your party members and earn a pretty good amount of XP. There are different difficulty levels and some may require you to be a certain level so do make sure you select the one that's within your level range.

2. You can zoom in and out of your car by using r1 on your controller

First Person Regalia
While this wont necessarily make you better at the game, it could make things more enjoyable. If you press R1 on your PS4 controller, or RB on an Xbox One controller, you'll be able to zoom in and out of your car. Making it possible to have a first person view of the car.

3. You can easily call your chocobo by using the item menu

Chocobo Calling FFXV
In the items menu(R2 on PS4, or RT on Xbox One), if you move your control stick to the right you'll be able to access the whistles menu. Here you can call your long lost Chocobo. This is very useful as most of the time you'll probably lose track of where you left your it or it'll disappear somehow.

4. You can jump and attack to easily get over some things

Getting over things FFXV
This method was used a lot in Kingdom Hearts and seems to prove useful in Final Fantasy XV. Simply jump and then attack while facing something you want to get over and Noctis will be able to make it over. Do keep in mind this doesn't work on everything but it does for most roads.

5. Infinite sprinting

Infinite Sprinting FFXV
To sprint without exhaustion, hit the button to sprint until it reaches the S on the stamina bar. Once it does, hit it again and you'll notice Noctis turn green for a second and you'll keep sprinting. It'll take some practice to be able to do it every time, and it doesn't work while in combat.

Top 5 Basic Tips for Final Fantasy XV

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