Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Leaked?

Final Fantasy XV's release date may have been leaked ahead of its major event happening later this month. The game is set to come out later this year with the announcement coming later this month.

Possible Final Fantasy release date?

Final Fantasy 15 has been in development for a long time and we know that an official release date is going to be announced soon, but there has been a possible leak.

According to sources from Gematsu, they are saying that the release date for the upcoming game will be September 30th 2016. This would make it a Friday, which makes sense as most European releases happen on that day. Gematsu have also stated that they checked the date with three different sources and they confirmed it.

It is said to be a worldwide release date, so everyone will get the game on the same day on PS4 and Xbox One. Square Enix haven’t spoken yet about the possible PC version. The official announcement will be coming on March 30th, so the rumoured date could be true. Greg and Tim, the guys from Kinda Funny, will be there to help reveal the date at the upcoming event.

Releasing Final Fantasy in September seems like a good move. We see massive AAA games coming out in October and November so this would give the game some space before then. September worked out well for other games last year with the likes of Metal Gear Solid 5.

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