Final Fantasy XV – New Chocobo Gameplay Footage

Check out this all new gameplay footage for Final Fantasy XV featuring the Chocobos. Let's see what all was shown.

Image of Chocobo's in Final Fantasy XV
Yesterday Square Portal released on their YouTube channel all new gameplay footage featuring the Chocobo’s. I’m very excited that these adorable creatures will be brought to Final Fantasy XV, and that you will be able to own one, and ride them. I’m very excited, because I’ve wanted a Chocobo ever since Final Fantasy XIV. Now there are no details as to how you can get one, but the fact that can is just amazing, and that there’s another form of transportation in the game besides the car.

Now I’m not sure whether or not there will be Chocobo racing it is possible that it might be brought into the game, but there are no details at this time.

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