Final Fantasy XV’s CPU Optimized up to 95% since Duscae

Square Enix explained their highly anticipated JRPG's graphically and technically evolution in a livestream on Nico Nico from CEDEC in Japan today. A video from the event showcases the game's visual effects as well.

Final Fantasy XV's CPU Optimized up to 95% since Duscae
At a livestream on Nico Nico from CEDEC 2016 in Japan today, publisher Square Enix discussed the process of optimizing their highly anticipated JRPG Final Fantasy XV from the Duscae demo to the final product, mentioning that CPU utilization has been optimized to between 87% to 95%.

A boost up from a range of 65% to 87%, one of the major factors contributing to the improvement was the inclusion of development tool TaskScheduler, which allowed the team to allocate CPU resources to different tasks more efficiently, avoiding moments in which one or more cores of the CPU were left idle. Used in its first generation in Episode Duscae, the tool was improved upon in version 2.0 of the demo, and its second generation now appears in the final game.

Image showcasing the CPU optimization progression from TGS 2014 to present
The game's visual effects were a huge priority as well, and the team finally managed to achieve 30 FPS on consoles with the build showcased at E3 2016. In the video captured from the livestream below, a few of these VFX are reflected in the current version of the game, including water ripples, moving vegetation, and light emitter optimization.

Final Fantasy XV launches worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

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