Final Fantasy XV delayed?

The highly anticipated next installment in the world-renowned franchise could be delayed again according to a leak published online. In the picture, GameStop employees are instructed to apply stickers over the game's original release date to indicate that the game will come out on November 29 instead.

A screenshot showcasing one of Final Fantasy XV's many locations
The internet has been lit ablaze this weekend with news that Square Enix's highly anticipated JRPG Final Fantasy XV may be delayed until November 29. According to Gamnesia, the rumor seems all but officially confirmed.

An alleged pamphlet given to a GameStop store manager, featured below, instructs employees to replace original promotional stands with a sticker indicating the new release date. The stickers are scheduled to be applied tomorrow, August 15.

The alleged pamphlet indicating Final Fantasy XV's delay to November
Worth noticing is that the game's most recent trailer did not have a date listed at all, contrary to promotional videos before it that featured a September 30 release attached at the end. Three press passes sent out two days ago also included that same month and day.

Only time will tell before we receive any official word from Square Enix themselves. For now, fans can only hope for the best and remember that a delayed game is eventually good and that a bad game is bad forever.

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