Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Looks Dreary

Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, dubbed "Comrades," looks gloomy compared to the lighthearted journey of Noctis and friends in the early parts of the game. As Square Enix shared new screenshots of Comrades to hype up the upcoming multiplayer beta test in August, some gamers placed these images side-by-side with the base game.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Looks Dreary
Square Enix shared a few new screenshots of their Final Fantasy XV multiplayer “Comrades” expansion, and as confirmed by some gamers, they all take place in existing areas in the base game. One of the safe areas in Eos has also become infested with monsters in the Comrades expansion.

Reddit user scissorman shared side-by-side images of Comrades and the base Final Fantasy XV game. Upon close inspection, it’s clear that the tone seems to be gloomier in the expansion. Additionally, Lestallum, which is one of the safe cities in the game, now has monsters and a character is shown battling an enemy inside the town.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Looks Dreary, Lestallum now has gates
These pieces of tidbits might mean that the expansion takes place either during the World of Ruin or the latter chapters when daytime has become sparse. In the latter part of Final Fantasy XV, Eos was ravaged by daemons and its citizens took up arms to fend them off. Daytime also became shorter, thus, strong daemons filled the lands.

The Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion will be held from August 3 to August 8. A PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to participate in the beta. During the testing period, players will get to create their own characters and join others in hunting down monsters.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Looks Dreary, Dainse Haven version in Comrades
A release date for the full version of Comrades has yet to be revealed, though it’s unlikely to launch anytime soon as the next expansion scheduled, Episode Ignis, has a Winter 2018 release window. The Comrades expansion is part of the season pass of Final Fantasy XV

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