Final Fantasy XV Gamescom approval ratings released

The director of the highly anticipated JRPG revealed today the responses collected at Gamescom 2016 regarding the demo that was showcased there. The title was met with extremely welcome reception, with 90% of players having enjoyed their gameplay experience.

Final Fantasy XV Gamescom approval ratings released
Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata disclosed the results of a survey held at this year's Gamescom during a live-streamed Active Time Report event from Tokyo yesterday. The information yielded that of all the players that demoed the game, 90% enjoyed it, 8% were neutral, and 2% didn't like it.

An extensive demo was showcased on the show floor that allowed convention goers an early of the title's opening sequences. After players were finished each was asked to input feedback on a tablet device with the options listed below:

Image of the tablet device used to collect responses on Final Fantasy XV
Image of the approval ratings for Final Fantasy XV revealed at the live-stream
Tabata mentioned that he was honored that so many enjoyed the game during the event.

Though recently delayed, Final Fantasy XV is still set to release this year on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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