New looks into Final Fantasy XV’s characters revealed

Released through a special website run by popular Japanese publication Famitsu, the new screens offer previously unseen glimpses of the highly anticipated title's main cast of characters as well as a look at villain Aranea Highwind without her mask on.

New looks into Final Fantasy XV's characters revealed
Publisher Square Enix released a new series of character images for their highly anticipated upcoming JRPG Final Fantasy XV today.

Debuted on a special website created by Famitsu, fans get a closer look at the CG models used in the game. As an added bonus, the mysterious and controversial Aranea Highwind can be seen without her mask on. The screens are featured below:

Final Fantasy XV Arenea Highwind
Final Fantasy XV Characters 2
Final Fantasy XV Characters 3
Final Fantasy XV Characters 4
Final Fantasy XV Characters 5
Final Fantasy XV Characters 6
Final Fantasy XV was recently delayed, but will still be coming out this year on November 29 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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