Ghost of Tsushima Update Adds New Lethal Difficulty

The latest update to Ghost of Tsushima adds a new difficulty, lowers combat intensity, and new text options. There is something for everyone as players wanting a challenge can get that under the new Lethal setting. Meanwhile, if you want a relaxing time in Japan then you can lower the intensity of the combat to make enemies easier.

Ghost of Tsushima Update Add New Lethal Difficulty

Today, Sucker Punch announced a new update for Ghost of Tsushima. Players can now enjoy a new Lethal difficulty setting, the ability to lower combat intensity and read larger texts.

For Lethal, players will face more aggressive enemies. The weapons of the invading Mongolians will also be deadlier than before, but for an equal battlefield, Jin’s katana is deadlier too. To add to the challenge, the invaders will detect you faster and make it harder to parry or dodge.

When you lower the combat intensity, it is meant to maintain the “heart and feel” of the game while “relaxing several timing-specific elements.” While some attacks still require a dodge rather than a block, more move sets become blockable in this new setting. Mongolians will give you a break easier like stopping their combos when they hit you and let you heal without a barrage coming your way. When dealing with Brutes, you can interrupt them easier with heavy swings of your sword. For you ghosts out there, enemies will detect you slower.

On top of the latest update for Ghost of Tsushima, text changes make it easier to read. Larger options range up to 150 percent for subtitles, action prompts, and objectives. You can turn off the speaker’s name for subtitles too. Now you can change the color of the text to blue, red, green, or yellow.

Ghost of Tsushima has received praise from all around the gaming community. In our review, we said it was “an absolute must for your game collection.” Along with that, Sucker Punch’s new IP is now the fastest-selling first-party original IP debut with 2.4 million units sold in three days.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PS4.

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