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Ghost of Tsushima: 5 Must-Have Techniques To Become A Super Samurai

Our essential Ghost of Tsushima guide is going to single out the 5 most important techniques that Jin can learn, and explain why we feel they will make you unstoppable. Many of the techniques in the game are useful, but these in particular should make the game a lot easier for you, and help you to have even more fun in the process.

Ghost of Tsushima: 5 Must-Have Abilities To Become A Super Samurai Cover

Ghost of Tsushima has received a lot of praise for the way in which it allows players to utilize abilities and modify the gameplay. It’s conceivable that you can single-handedly liberate a fortress making less sound than a flea. It’s also possible for you to go Super Saiyan and cause unparalleled armageddon with your brutality and instruments of destruction – or the equivalent of a Bruce Lee palm strike. Given how much flexibility there is in the combat, it would be wise to gain access to the most useful techniques as soon as you can. That’s why our Ghost of Tsushima, must-have techniques guide is here to help you see what untold power you could possess. We’re going to tell you which ones to obtain, and why we feel they are best for your chances of a complete Mongol Massacre

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Ghost of Tsushima is now available to buy – exclusively – on PS4.

Iron Will

We’ll start off with a big one. Iron Will. Depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, and how you choose to play the game, Iron Will could be the difference between victory in a duel, and staying face down in the dirt, permanently. Iron Will allows Jin to use 2 Resolve, and he will absorb every ounce of healing energy to miraculously spring to his nimble feet and continue to wage war with his foes. 

You'll need Iron Will when you face men with scary masks.

You’ll need Iron Will when you face men with scary masks.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this technique would be considered must-have. Unless you’re a gaming guru that will be speedrunning this game within two days, then it’s likely that you will be embroiled in a heated battle, inevitably succumbing to the gargantuan odds. Maybe you only needed to strike a boss with one final blow, Iron Will gives you that opportunity. You recover with minimal health, but if you do have more Resolve saved in the bank, then you can obviously replenish it ASAP.

Deflect Arrows

An ability we found useful in a few scenarios. Generally if you’re being pelted by a endless stream of sharp, stabby things, then constantly having to dodge to get out of the way of them will grate. Sometimes you’re faced with more archers than a Lord of the Rings rearguard. So it doesn’t always become easy to navigate a battle, especially when you have to keep dodging instead of attacking. 

All these deaths could've been avoided with Deflect Arrows.

All these deaths could’ve been avoided with Deflect Arrows.

Deflect Arrows allows you to simply hold L1, and Jin will channel his Matrix skills and block any arrow that comes his way. This now makes it infinitely easier to close the gap to any archers and it’s also useful for when you just want to round up some supplies etc. You can do so knowing you can just hold L1, chill with a cold one, and watch the pointed pests bounce off your sword like contestants in a sumo fight. 


One of the first abilities you should be getting your hands on. Rolling is an integral part of combat. I feel this could’ve been made available straight from the get-go, but there’s no point crying over spilled milk – and I do love milk. A single press of the circle button allows Jin to dodge by strafing in a direction. Roll transforms the circle button into The Great Escape as you can now roll well out of the way of danger. Bigger, more armored foes can simply be tackled at range – other enemies too – and if you’re more comfortable with a bow, then a few rolls will grant you a chasm of space to work with.

Ghost of Tsushima - State of Play | PS4

Another huge factor to consider with Roll, is that it can also be used in duels too. Now, whilst you do want to be in closer in a duel – as you can only use your sword – it does give you a breather if you need it. If you’re struggling with an enemy’s attack pattern and you can’t seem to adequately handle those continuous red strike attacks, then you can usually roll your way out of trouble and compose yourself.

Safe Landing

I don’t know about you, but I was really getting sick of jumping more than 5ft, and Jin landing like he’d just jumped off of a building. For an agile Samurai, he seems to have very brittle toes and soles. Once Safe Landing was purchased, his feet became the stuff of legends. They went from being unable to withstand a small tumble, to being made of crystal and allowing Jin to base jump off of the Eiffel Tower…without a scratch.

Leaves can only provide so much cushion.

Leaves can only provide so much cushion.

If you jump from a “height”, with Safe Landing equipped, you can now press circle just before you land, and if timed correctly, you’ll land perfectly and receive a 10 from the judges. This is great for general traversal of the map too, as you’ll be doing a lot of traversing for collectibles and secrets. It’s great in combat too as you’ll frequently find yourself on more roofs than a flock of birds, and unless you have a cart of hay, then you’ll want to have Safe Landing unlocked instead.

Improved Mental Fortitude

Yes, this is a BIT of a cheat selection, however it’s more than justified, trust us. The bow is a huge part of the game, and even if your use of the bow is infrequent to say the least, you still need this one. In order to properly access Improved Mental Fortitude, you need to obtain Concentration. This lets you slow down time whilst using the bow. ESSENTIAL. Then you need to unlock Mental Fortitude. This lets you reduce the cooldown of Concentration. ESSENTIAL. Improved Mental Fortitude then reduces the cooldown of Concentration by 30%. Once again, essential.

Stronger mentality, stronger appetite for killing. Science.

Stronger mentality, stronger appetite for killing. Science.

During the heat of battle, if you can keep reeling off headshots, then you absolutely decimate the field with the bow. There have been whole camps eliminated without the enemy getting so much as time to breath. Trust us, these abilities will make the game a hell of a lot easier. There you have it. Our Ghost of Tsushima, must-have techniques to abuse the system and barely break a sweat. 

Ghost of Tsushima – Launch Trailer | PS4

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