New Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Has Us Excited

Fans have been eagerly awaiting new gameplay of Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima. This eventually came last week in a State of Play and it is fair to say that Ghost of Tsushima's new gameplay has us excited. Here are our thoughts on the new details.

New Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Has Us Excited

This past week, Sucker Punch and PlayStation released new gameplay footage of Ghost of Tsushima – the first since E3 2018. Up until this point, my expectations for this game were high due to Sucker Punch’s credentials, but I had yet to be blown away by the Japanese title. The new gameplay has changed this. Ghost of Tsushima’s new gameplay has me very excited.

The Open World

This new gameplay demo kicked off looking at the open world of Tsushima and the exploration that you could have. We have a panning shot of our hero, Jin, and the stunning landscape. I was immediately struck by the depth to this world. Seeing the turbulent weather in the far distance very much reminded me of playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Breath of the Wild. If this game could even match up to these titles in some aspects then we are in for a hell of a ride.

Ghost of Tsushima - State of Play | PS4

With this game, Sucker Punch is trying to immerse the player into this world. One of the ways this is done is through exploration and navigating the world. There is a minimalistic HUD with no mini-map. To navigate between waypoints, Jin uses the guided wind to go to new missions and explore Tsushima.

This part of the demo focuses heavily on what you can find in the open world. At one point in the demo, Jin enters an abandoned building finding rare collectibles. This is followed by Jin being guided by a fox to hidden shrines, which can be found across Tsushima. And of course, you can pet the fox! Any similarities here? Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2! I’m not saying this game is going to be as complete as Rockstar’s cowboy adventure, but I am certainly seeing a lot of similarities here that can only be a good thing for Sucker Punch.

The Combat

We then get a deep-dive look into combat and the many different ways Jin can approach taking down his foes. We see ‘Jin the Samurai’ and ‘Jin the Ghost’. The samurai approach focuses on Jin confronting his enemies head-on using swords and bow and arrows. This is the ‘guns blazing’ approach, per se, and it certainly lets the enemies know you have arrived. This will likely be my approach after the ‘Ghost’ method has failed.

Ghost of Tsushima will focus heavily on exploration.

Ghost of Tsushima will focus heavily on exploration.

The Ghost approach as indicated by the name involves Jin being as stealthy as possible to take down his foes. Jin uses distractions such as throwing a stone to lure in his enemies and silently assassinate them. This sequence of gameplay footage was giving me serious Assassin’s Creed vibes when taking down some of the camps. As shown through this gameplay footage, Jin can tackle enemy camps in a few different ways, which is great for gameplay variety. Personally, I think I will try to play the game initially as stealthy as possible, as that is what I most enjoy, until I eventually blow cover and have been discovered by all in sight!  

The Extra Detail

Ghost of Tsushima also goes the extra mile for fans. Right from the get-go, there is the option to play the game in Japanese with English subtitles. This will certainly make it more realistic and immersive and is something I will certainly be taking advantage of. Samurai Cinema also allows me to feel as though I am playing through a samurai film, but I don’t think I will take advantage of this, though it is a nice touch.

You are also able to customise Jin to a good extent. Armour gives you mechanical advantages and not just the way you look implementing some RPG mechanics to the game, which I was not expecting but something I warmly welcome. It also looks like you can kit out Jin in most colours you like, so if you want a yellow samurai, then go for it!

Jin is our main hero in Ghost of Tsushima

Jin is our main hero in Ghost of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima is shaping up to be an excellent title that I am hugely looking forward to. It will hopefully be cemented in the excellent PlayStation exclusives this generation with a new identity whilst also borrowing ideas from well-established games such as Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed. July 17 cannot come soon enough.

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