5 Beginners Tips for Ghost of Tsushima

If you just picked up Ghost of Tsushima, we have some beginners tips just for you. In this guide, you will learn all about how to survive against the Mongolian invasion and take back your land in the most effective way possible. Explore, do quests, and gather supplies as you will need it to succeed.

Ghost of Tsushima beginner's tips

Sucker Punch’s massive open-world game, Ghost of Tsushima, has arrived. As players grab their katanas and bows to fight off invading Mongolians, you need to know a thing or two. Our tips for beginners will help you survive while playing Ghost of Tsushima.

Some of the things you will learn about here will include the side activities and how to play to earn the best rewards efficiently. There are a lot of important weapons and armor that you can miss along with other important things you may want to know before heading out into the vast landscape of Japan.

Also, for you completionists, you should check out the list of trophies for Ghost of Tsushima.

5. Do Every Side Activity

Talk to people for new quests

Talk to people for new quests

Side quests, also known as Tales of Tsushima, offer a variety of rewards along with experience to let you spend your technique points on new skills. When in the map, hover your cursor over to see what rewards you will gain from that specific quest. Some will offer materials to upgrade weapons or armor, while others have something more special to give you.

You may skip some Tales of Tsushima, but don’t skip out on Mythic Tales. These side missions are longer and require a keen eye to find the clues to complete these side missions. Once complete, you will gain a powerful item. In one, you gain the longbow which has a great range, can kill armored enemies, and can use explosive arrows.

Either way, Mythic Tales and Tales of Tsushima advance the story and teach you how to be a better killer. Learn about the world’s lore and meet interesting characters as you save Japan.

4. Scavenge Everything

Open crates for supplies

Open crates for supplies

Materials like bamboo and iron are needed to upgrade your gear. Armor, bows, and swords all require to go to different people for their specific talents in that piece of equipment. While finding these items is easy, but gathering enough is not. Leveling up your katana or preferred armor requires a lot when you get to the higher levels. Search every house and little corner to find something useful. Keep your eyes open as a flashy object could be the sticks or leather that you need for that final upgrade on a piece of gear. 

As stated before, doing the side activities will benefit you in this way too.

3. Observe then kill leaders

Stances are needed to survive

Stances are needed to survive

Leaders are important as observing and killing them gets you close to unlocking a new stance. With every stance, you get a more effective way to kill certain types of enemies like shielded Mongolians or sword-wielding foes.

You can go ahead and kill them once you see them, that’s up to you. If you want to be most effective and unlock all four stances quickly, then you need to be sneaky. Don’t alert the camp too much, or else the leader will not practice their stance anymore. If you find them swinging their weapon at nothing, stand back and hold R2 to observe.

Now you observed the leader, now go kill them. There is nothing to it, they are stronger and more aggressive, but they die fairly easily like most enemies in the game.

2. Let nature guide you

Let foxes guide you

Let foxes guide you

Birds and foxes will lead you to important places that will let you hone in on your skills. There are a lot of places to visit and gain a boost to your stats across the war-torn lands.

To name a few important locations, Hot Springs, which increase your health, Shrines will reward you with new charms, and Fox Dens add more charm slots.

Charms are buffs that you get a select amount to use at a time. You get to customize Jin in this way as you can build him in your preferred playstyle. While having more choices of charms is great from shrines, but going to Fox Dens will let you have more freedom as you unlock more slots to put in the different boosters.

1. Take back your homeland in style

One of many armor choices in Ghost of Tsushima

One of many armor choices in Ghost of Tsushima

Our final beginner’s tip for Ghost of Tsushima is all about style because nobody can fight off an army of Mongolians without looking cool. Your clothing and armor make a huge difference in your effectiveness. Each one comes with different perks. Samurai Clan Armor is meant for your sword fights while the Traveler’s Attire is suited for both stealth and finding collectibles. You can change your outfit at any point, so for the right situation, change your clothes.

If the appearance makes a big difference to you and you don’t care about how it affects abilities, then do know hats and masks don’t offer anything. The right hat might go well with that armor you have equipped, but it won’t add to your skills. To add on top of that, collect flowers to unlock more color combinations. As I write this, I have a red and white color scheme on my Samurai Clan Armor. It is deadly and cute!

That is it for our guide—hopefully, these beginners tips for Ghost of Tsushima help. You can buy the game now for PS4.

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