Ghost of Tsushima’s Download Size Has Been Revealed

How big is the file size of the PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushisma? With the game apparently taking up to 50 hours long with a packed map, the action-adventure samurai game was inevitably thought to be quite large in itself, meaning you may have to clear some hard drive space.

Ghost of Tsushima's Download Size has been Revealed

Finally updated on the game’s PlayStation store page, Ghost of Tsushima’s download size clocks in at a very hefty 50GB of hard drive space. If you’re deciding to go with the digital download option in order to play the game as soon as possible upon its release of July 17th 2020, be sure to delete some of those other titles you’ve not touched for a while, because it’s highly likely that any patches after launch day will be pretty bulky themselves!

Need a refresher on Ghost of Tsushima’s premise? It’s set in the late 1300’s, around the 1270’s on Tsushima Island, which is around halfway between mainland Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Invaded by Mongol forces in part of their efforts to conquer Japan, Tsushima’s samurai forces had been decimated. You play as Jin Sakai, one of Tsushima’s last samurai, as he travels the land to single-handedly defeat the Mongol forces as the deadly Ghost, using a feared ninja-like fighting style that traditionally goes against the honor of the samurai.

You’ve been informed of the Ghost of Tsushima download size and reminded of its premise, so how about some gameplay? PlayStation’s recent State of Play gave us a stunning 18-minute demonstration which featured gameplay of Jin raiding a Mongol camp using different playstyles; once as a fearsome samurai, then again when using the dishonourable shinobi methods of the Ghost.

Ghost of Tsushima will be available on July 17th.

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