Ghost of Tsushima Has Gone Gold

It's just a month away. Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold. This means that the game is ready to be printed and released. Now with just one more month to clean up the game and fix any bugs, fans are eagerly awaiting the last PS4 exclusive title. Congrats to the team of developers who've worked for years on this!

Ghost of Tsushima Has Gone Gold Cover

The long-awaited game by Sucker Punch Productions is on the way! Today, on June 22nd, Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold. Though the team has had delays due to COVID-19, the game will finally hit store shelves on July 17th, 2020. This will be the final exclusive of the PS4, closing up an era of greatness in gaming.

The team at Sucker Punch tweeted this afternoon that after years of development, this samurai stealth and slash game is ready for print and release. Now, all the team should be dealing with are bugs and small fixes, and possible future developments or DLC. 

Brian Fleming, Co-Founder, and Producer of the Studio, even tweeted this as a reply,

Our team kept our focus as we transitioned to WFH and never missed a beat. The result is an inspiring, exhilarating game we can’t wait for you to play on July 17!

The wait for this game will definitely be worth it. In this action/adventure narrative game, you are to follow the path of the Ghost and reclaim your home. As the last surviving member of your clan, you must stop the Mongol invasion coming towards Tsushima island. Traverse large landscapes, fight invaders, and protect Tsushima.

We can’t wait to play it! Pre-order Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4.

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