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Ghost of Tsushima Announces Release Date Plus Pre-Order Editions

Sucker Punch Productions dumped a ton of information on its upcoming game, Ghost of Tsushima, including a release date. The Samurai AAA title has a new story trailer, four pre-order editions between physical and digital copies, and will launch for PS4 and PS4 Pro on June 26, matching the summer window that was previously announced.

Jin, the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima (Credit: Sucker Punch Productions)

The final AAA PlayStation 4 exclusive before the fifth edition of the console that arrives this holiday season has a launching hour. It was announced on the PlayStation Blog that Ghost of Tsushima has a new story trailer (seen below), pre-order bonuses, and will have a release date on June 26.

The trailer shows off the protagonist, Jin Sakai, and how he becomes the hero that gamers will get to play. The video gives a glimpse into some of his friends and foes. One ally will be uncle, Shimura, the jito (lord) of Tsushima, and Jin’s parental figure. He will teach Jin to become a Samurai, but starts to worry as the young protagonist goes down a path of “The Ghost.” A villain gets shown off, too, which is the leader of the invading Mongol army, Khotun Khan.

Pre-ordering any copy will offer a Jin avatar, a digital mini soundtrack featuring select songs from the game, and a Jin PS4 dynamic theme.

The deluxe digital edition for $69.99 will have what’s listed above and more. A mix of cosmetics and in-game items will help or stylishly enhance the experience with the Hero of Tsushima skin set, an additional horse, saddle, mask, sword, and armor set for Jin. Other items to assist you on your adventures include the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor and one technique point. Finally, a Samurai PS4 dynamic theme, a digital mini art book by Dark Horse, plus the Director’s Commentary to see the team talk with a Japanese historian to “look at the world of Ghost of Tsushima and how it compares to the real-life events that inspired it.”

Ghost of Tsushima digital deluxe edition

Ghost of Tsushima digital deluxe edition

The Samurai title will also have two physical editions for fans to pre-order. The first is the Special Edition, which has a SteelBook case, an in-game Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin, Charm of Hachiman’s Favor, one technique point, the Director’s Commentary, and the digital mini art book. This will cost $69.99.

Special edition of Ghost of Tsushima

Special edition of Ghost of Tsushima

Finally, for $169.99, is the Collector’s Edition. Players will get a replica mask of the one you’ll wear in the game made from polyresin (that is noted not to be worn). Then there is a 4.5-foot-long sashimono (war banner) and a traditional-style furoshiki (wrapping cloth). Additionally, players will get a SteelBook case, a physical 48-page mini art book by Dark Horse, and a cloth map of the game’s world. Plus, you get all of the digital items from the previous editions.

You can pre-order Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation store or your preferred retailer like GameStop.

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