Top 5 Ghost of Tsushima Features

With Ghost of Tsushima being a month away, this top 5 list shows some of the best features in the game. Everything from options that make it an immersive vintage samurai movie to its exciting gameplay mechanics that set it apart from most other action-adventure games.

Jin from Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch’s July release with Ghost of Tsushima looks stellar from everything we have seen. During State of Play two weeks ago (the video is shown at the end of the article), the world got a nearly 20-minute demonstration of its gameplay, world, and mechanics to make this one of the most cinematic games to launch this year. Along with that, over the course of the studio unveiling information, we have gathered plenty of things you can do across Japan’s landscape.

To celebrate the game being a little more than a month away (45 days as of writing, but who’s counting?), let’s take a look at the top five Ghost of Tsushima features.


Ghost of Tsushima world

Let smoke guide to you to people or locations

We have either played or know of an open-world game where you get a ton of blips all over the HUD and map that shows you where to go. You want to head to that fortress or gather collectibles? Place a waypoint and let the GPS navigate you. Ghost of Tsushima takes a note from Breath of the Wild by making it a more immersive way of traversal.

Jin will have the wind and animals that will show you points of interest. Some of these interesting areas to explore or attack a village that has been taken over by Mongolians will be on your map; others will be seen in the world that will catch your eye like smoke or eye-catching structures.

For the wind and flying leaves and particles in the air, you can press a button as a reminder where a gust of wind will come to your aid and point you in the right direction. So, sure, Jin has some God-like powers to make things windy, but it is a unique mechanic nonetheless.

To add to these mechanics, when an animal helps you, you can pet them. We don’t know if you can pet all of the feathery and furry friends, but the showcase did show Jin pet a fox’s noggin.


Ghost gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima

Be one with the ghost

You have two playstyles, the honorable samurai and the dishonorable ghost. When choosing the less respected stealthy option, one of your weapons is fear. Distract enemies and pick them off one by one will surely put everyone on edge. Once you are seen, your foes may decide to fight you or run away. In the footage, we see one of the Mongolians drop to the ground, frozen by how scared he is as he looks up at Jin.



The way you play, a samurai or ghost, will determine how you will interact with others in the world. As mentioned before, there is not a whole lot of respect for a stealthy playthrough, unlike the honorable warrior. Depending on how an individual feels about your choices, it can lead to them abandoning you or fight you.

One example is your uncle Shimura. He teaches Jin the way of the samurai, but turning your back on these methods and values will hurt your relationship with your uncle and mentor.

While the developers are not giving any secrets away, they did hint that the narrative itself will change based on your decisions. The goal is to have players have different experiences when playing by the perspective of gameplay and the storyline.


Ghost of Tsushima black and white

Just look at this beautiful filter

Sucker Punch is doing a lot to make sure this is the Kurosawa mode, which just means a grainy black and white filter to put you in an old school samurai movie atmosphere. Along with the option to have all of the dialogue in Japanese, this is going to be the most authentic experience you can have that goes beyond a 1950s samurai flick.


To round off our top five Ghost of Tsushima features, let’s look at how you can dress as you battle through Japan. There are two elements to the customization for Jin’s appearance: aesthetic and utility

To start, the cosmetics will allow you to dye any armor into the color of your choice. Find plants around the world to craft the look you want while having the piece of armor that you feel is needed to suit your playstyle. The State of Play presentation showed off a black and white patterned outfit while showing off more vibrant selections.

The practical aspect will lend to how you play. If you want to go to people with your sword or sneak around, taking people out in the shadows, you will need the proper gear. With the slight RPG elements, you can even upgrade yourself to improve certain attributes. 

18 Minutes of Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay (Full 4K Presentation)

These were my top-five Ghost of Tsushima features that stood out to me. Was there something I missed that you really like? Comment below what you are most excited about in Sucker Punch’s upcoming action-adventure game.

Ghost of Tsushima releases on July 17 exclusively for PS4.


  1. So wait.. the game has been out a month and a half and instead of playing it…

    You’re just reviewing old footage?

    Really… REALLY lol

  2. Is this game on Xbox one

    • PS4 exclusive and it’s AMAZING


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