How Does Ghost of Tsushima’s Sales Compare to Sucker Punch’s Last Game?

Ghost of Tsushima sales have gone beyond five million in just four months. Those are some great looking numbers, though looking back at developer Sucker Punch's last game, 2014's inFAMOUS Second Son, how do the two compare? Either way, it's a good time for Sucker Punch.

ghost of tsushima sales

Being one of the last triple-A games of the eighth console generation as well as the first of a new IP, Ghost of Tsushima sales hitting over five million in just four months is undoubtedly impressive. In a New York Times article sourced by Push Square, Sony higher-ups spoke about the successes of the PS4 generation, one being that the samurai action-adventure game is well on track to surpass Horizon Zero Dawn, which sold 7.6 million copies in a year. But how does it compete with its predecessor in the studio’s history of making AAA open-world games?

However, Ghost of Tsushima is even closer to fully surpassing the number of units sold for developer Sucker Punch’s last full-fledged title, InFAMOUS Second Son, released all the way back at the early stages of the generation in 2014. Whilst the third series in the Infamous series surpassed the milestone of selling over one million copies nine days after release, the studio’s latest release sold 2.3 million in a mere three days.

What’s even more interesting is comparing Ghost of Tsushima sales with InFAMOUS Second Son’s latest figures. The last update on Second Son’s sales was via a June 2019 corporate slide show, “A Stronger Sony” (slide 55), reporting the title had 6 million copies after five years. That still places it among one of the PS4’s best-selling titles, but seeing how Sucker Punch’s latest release is getting ready to bypass that amount in less than a tenth of the time is simply incredible by comparison. With the recent free update that added a co-op multiplayer mode, Legends, sales certainly won’t come to a halt anytime soon.

Never heard of InFAMOUS Second Son before learning of Ghost of Tsushima being made by Sucker Punch? Well, if you own or are planning on owning a PS5, you’ll soon be able to enjoy Second Son as part of the PS Plus Collection, a downloadable collection of some of the top games from the PS4 generation, available as long as you have a PS Plus subscription. 

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