Fall Guys had Over 1.5 Million New Players in its First 24 Hours

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout had a fantastically crazy launch, with so many highs had by all. The number of Fall Guys day one players was absolutely huge, with its hardworking staff being quick to resolve any issues. The new multiplayer battle royale by developer, Mediatonic, and publisher, Devolver Digital, is a massive success.

Fall Guys had Over 1.5 Million New Players in its First 24 HoursHuge waves of Fall Guys day one players blew away all of our expectations, as not many could have predicted it would perform so well on launch day. Announced at E3 all the way back in June 2019, the game’s TV gameshow-inspired premise was quick to peak the interest of an already-battle-royale-genre obsessed industry. 60 players in the form of costumed chibi avatars, battling it out over challenges and obstacle courses was just to sweet to resist and now, it’s logged a total of over a million and a half players in a single day. 

Reported on thoroughly throughout the launch day by Fall Guys‘ dedicated community manager, the game was met with relentlessly excited demand, peaking at 120,000 players concurrently connected to the servers. With such armies of gamers flooding in, beyond the expectations of indie developer, Mediatonic, server crashes and connection issues were inevitable. Sadly, common sense didn’t stop a bunch of disgruntled players trying to unjustly review bomb the game on Steam. The newly-born and incredible Fall Guys community was quick to act, however, soon positive-review bombing it back up again. What a ride. 

To better cope with the demand, the development team soon switched off matchmaking for two hours in order to scale up and optimize. Notifying the players of said switch off wasn’t enough, apparently. During those two hours, 146,524 more players tried to hop in. Because gamers. As of this time, this humble journalist’s own testing has confirmed the game has been fully maintained and is back up and running flawlessly. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available on PS4 and Steam. It’s even of the PS+ games for August. Seriously, play it. It’s amazing. 

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