Fall Guys Comes to Xbox and Switch This Summer

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was confirmed for the Switch. Today, Xbox has also revealed it will be receiving the battle royale sensation. The release date for both platforms is currently summer 2021, with more information to follow later this year.

Fall Guys Comes to Xbox and Switch This Summer

Nintendo’s first proper Direct in eighteen months showed off Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally coming to the Switch. Microsoft has also chimed in announcing the game will also be coming to the Xbox One and Series X/S.

Mediatonic’s battle royale launched on August 4 last year via PlayStation’s PS Plus service, achieving great reviews and wide-spread fanfare. The game has also been available on PC since its release, where it also maintains a steady player-base. Since its launch, the developer has continued to support the game by adding new seasons, courses and cosmetic items to keep the audience engaged. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Despite its initial popularity and continued support, the number of people actively playing Fall Guys has significantly dipped. According to the Steam Charts, August 2020 saw an average player count of 124,479. However, that number plummeted the following month to 66,899 and then again in October, down to 26,438. Whilst these numbers don’t directly resemble PlayStation’s, they do lend evidence to the steep decline in overall popularity. 

The vague release date of ‘summer’ indicates it may release on Switch and Xbox a whole year after its original launch. For hopeful Game Pass subscribers, publisher Devolver Digital has already made it clear that the game won’t be coming to the service. The tweet below was in response to a mix-up by the Xbox Game Pass Instagram account, mistakenly saying the game would be joining it. 

The battle royale is currently in its third season, ‘Winter Knockout’. As of writing, Fall Guys is unavailable for pre-order on both its new platforms. However, it can be put on your wishlist on the Switch. The game is currently available for purchase on PlayStation and PC via Steam.

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