Round Variations and Big Yeetus are Coming in Fall Guys’ Mid-Season Update

A Fall Guys update is going live today, but what kind of changes can we expect when we next boot up the game and get our beans ready for battle? Mediatonic senior designer, Anthony Pepper, joins the PlayStation blog to share some details on the brand new patch.

Round Variations and Big Yeetus are Coming in Fall Guys' Mid-Season Update

Season 2 isn’t due to start until the 6th of October, but that isn’t stopping Mediatonic from dropping some hot fixes and changes to the game a little early in the newest Fall Guys update. In the bulk of the PlayStation blog, Pepper addresses the stale feeling that regular Fall Guys players may be having after a month and a half since the game’s release, by announcing the addition of round variations: making players take on current-season mini-games in brand new ways, introducing “wildly devious mixes of Season 1 classics”. 

Reliable door patterns on Gate Crash may end up all kinds of wavey. Turntables could turn the tide in an unpredictable take on Fall Ball. And just when you thought you’d got a handle on the topsy-turvy See-Saw? We’ll just say that your approach may need to be tweaked! Remember the turnstiles you had to jostle and bump your way through in Hit Parade. Well, things may take a turn for the precarious with a nest chock-full of mini Whirlygig spinning clubs. You’ll be playing with some real Frankenstein monster mash-ups and we can’t wait to hear what players think!

As well as tweaks and fixes that smoothen and stablise the overall Fall Guys experience, Pepper also answers to teases and rumours spreading around the Fall Guys community, under the name “Big Yeetus”. An “aggressive hammer obstacle” said to bring “future physics wildness to Fall Guys”, Big Yeetus is apparently the main character of the game, according to a hot tweet from the Fall Guys Twitter itself. 

Whilst Big Yeetus is coming for us all, how hyped are you about the mid-season patch and build up to season 2? Changes to the game’s current levels are certainly welcome for some, especially those on our list of the 5 worst Fall Guys mini-games in season 1.


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