Godzilla Is Returning To Fall Guys

The King of the Monsters has returned, in costume form. For the second time, a Godzilla Fall Guys costume is coming back to the hit platform battle royale. For just a certain amount of in-game currency, this "monstrous" skin can be yours.

Godzilla Is Returning To Fall Guys cover

Fall Guys has been really knocking it out of the park with its content updates lately. Its fourth season launches in a few days and, players can soon enjoy a “spicy” variant of the Godzilla skin made available in November 2020. Godzilla’s return to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout looks to be a far more heated version of the Giant Lizard Beast. This new edition, getting ready to fire its atomic breath, will be made available on the 24th of March 2021 for just 10 Crowns. 

Now, just take a second to appreciate the game’s promo image for the costume. Godzilla, a nuclear-bellied embodiment of destruction wreaking havoc on the city, with the face of a cute little Fall Guys bean, is a charming sight to behold. Also, the Big Guy’s name displayed in Japanese katakana is a nice touch many of us can and should appreciate.

Furthermore, it’s a very nice marketing tie-in to the Alpha Predator’s new film, Godzilla vs. Kong, releasing on the same day. However, we’ve been given no information as to how long the skin will be made available this time around. On the other hand, with a huge blockbuster being the reason for the costume’s release, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this costume will remain part of the in-game store for at least a little longer.

Fall Guys Season 4 - Official Trailer

Even an extra day would be a great bonus of time, hopefully enough to earn more Crowns through game victories or levelling up.

Will you be getting the latest Godzilla Fall Guys costume, or will you be saving your Crowns if another hopeful crossover?

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