Top 5 Best Fall Guys Mini-Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been the huge viral hit of 2020, but what are our top 5 best mini-games? There are plenty of colorful and fast paced courses to choose from, and heaps of game design to dissect. Let's dive in to this brilliant new indie!

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Like just about everyone else on the planet, I love Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It’s bright, cheerful visual style, topsy-turvy gameplay, and constant rewards always push me on to play ‘just one more game.’ There’s ways to have fun in any of its 24 courses (even if you’re on the useless yellow team).

However, some of its mini-games stand out above the rest to be a perfect combination of chaos, strategy, and most importantly, fun. With this list, I’m not going to take an objective approach for which courses are the most fair or balanced. Instead, I mostly care about which mini-games are genuinely just the most fun out of the lot, while also not being completely luck based. 

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 mini-games in Fall Guys.

5. Fall Ball

'Fall Ball', one of the best mini-games in Fall Guys

‘Fall Ball’, one of the best mini-games in Fall Guys

Yes, I put a team game on this list. Just hear me out.

A vocal segment of players angrily hate all team games in Fall Guys, but for me, Fall Ball is the perfect kind of team game that Mediatonic should be striving for. It applies simple soccer gameplay, but instead of controlling professional Premier League players like FIFA, or fast cars like Rocket League, you’re relying on fat jelly beans to get your team across the line.

And it’s all the better for it.

Even playing with strangers, there’s strategy to be had in when to push forward or play in defence, and when deciding which of the two soccer balls to be focusing on. Playing with a group of four friends also adds another layer of fun (such as crossing the ball in for a teammate to finish), and scoring a goal or holding your opponents back with a sneaky grab is always incredibly satisfying.

While there is of course luck involved as with just about every other mini-game in Fall Guys, Fall Ball is a great addition to the rotation.

4. The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is a brilliantly designed mini-game in Fall Guys

The Whirlygig is a brilliantly designed mini-game in Fall Guys

Most of the games on this list are on here because I love the Wipeout/Takeshi’s Castle style levels the most. That is, where every contestant is running up a course on a race to the finish.

The Whirlygig fits this style to a tee, with cleverly placed propellers and branching paths which gives you plenty of space to move. At the same time, sections that funnel all of the players into one space like the final dive at the end, allow for plenty of opportunities to screw over your other opponents (or your friends).

It starts and ends almost the same, with ground-propellers aiming to smack you off the side, but increases the difficulty at each step to make it engaging and exciting without being too luck based.

The Whirlygig also doesn’t punish you harshly for mistakes. Instead, most of the time it launches you across the course (sometimes to your advantage) when hit by a propeller, which further proves why this course is so fun.

3. Hit Parade

Hit Parade is fun, frantic, and one of the best Fall Guys mini-games

Hit Parade is fun, frantic, and one of the best Fall Guys mini-games

Just like the Whirlygig, Hit Parade is an excellent example of how to make a frantic, yet fair race-to-the-end style course. Hit Parade has just about the most varied obstacle selection in the game with plenty of ways for your jelly-bean to careen off the sides of the main route.

I say main route because this mini-game opts for secondary obstacles at the bottom of the course, rather than pitfalls seen in Dizzy Heights or See Saw.

This gives every player a great chance at an elusive comeback even if they get belted by a swinging ball or slip down the side of inflatable tubes. The section with the pushable-propellers also adds an interesting dynamic, where everyone actually tries to help each other to push through, but then coming together at the end through the smallest of moving gaps. Great stuff.

2. Slime Climb

Slime Climb, one of the best mini-games in Fall Guys

Slime Climb, one of the best mini-games in Fall Guys

To put it simply, Slime Climb is the best designed obstacle course in the game. It starts off with classic Wipeout-style moving blocks, but includes bounce pads which are one of the courses many shortcut opportunities.

These kinds of shortcuts are why Slime Climb is so brilliant.

Choosing to bounce off the pad and skip a sizeable chunk of the section could end up winning you the game, but it could easily rebound you and send you deep into the ever-rising slime. This genius risk-reward design is used again in the course, with a chance to skip some more moving blocks by jumping up a ledge. Like before, it’s a life or death decision for your little jelly-bean guy.

Through these shortcuts and clever obstacles, Slime Climb is equally fun, difficult and one of the most skill based games in Fall Guys. Except for…

1. Hex a Gone

Hex-A-Gone, my favorite finale mini-game

Hex-A-Gone, my favorite finale mini-game

If Slime Climb is genius, Hex a Gone is Einstein-level.

It’s the only mini-game in Fall Guys that I would say is just about 100% skill. Everybody starts off on a level playing field no matter your start position (being stuck at the back in other mini-games is one of my only gripe with Fall Guys). As soon as the hexagon platforms start disappearing, it’s well and truly on. There are multiple layers to go through, and many different strategies that could be deployed. Some players even fall directly to the bottom to take away space for other contestants, which speaks to its clever layout.

Hex a Gone’s use of the dive ability is also fantastic. Jumping and diving is one of the main mechanics in Fall Guys, but in Hex a Gone it’s needed to the highest degree. Diving can cover a lot of ground and save you, but it’s equally dangerous with mistimed jumps or button clicks potentially dooming you straight down to the bottom.

Just like Slime Climb, risk-reward makes Hex a Gone the perfect finale to a game of Fall Guys. It is immensely satisfying to win, fun to play, and purely skill based, making Hex a Gone my number 1 Fall Guys mini-game.


  1. Avatar photo

    Slime Climb for me, followed by Hex-A-Gone. The game needs way more survival races that can take out the majority of the field.

    • Avatar photo

      I’m quite surprised theres relatively few of the race style courses. I’d guess they now have heaps of people working on the game now that its been such a huge hit


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