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5 Spooky Roblox Games to Play with Friends

Here are 5 great Roblox horror games to play with your friends. If you're on the lookout for a spooky good time, these co-op titles all deliver eerie vibes bound to give a good fright. From terrifying puzzle games to intense survival games, you'll find a hair-raising option perfect for you and your friends to jump into.

5 Spooky Roblox Games to Play with Friends

Looking for an uncanny good time? While horror isn’t the first genre that pops into mind when you think of Roblox, you’ll certainly be delighted to find some actual scary options. With a huge player base and hundreds of free-to-play options, there’s never a shortage of something new to discover.  

From murder mysteries, survival quests and remarkably challenging puzzles, exploring Roblox‘s spooky titles is a perfect past-time. The wide array of hair-raising games to choose from is a pleasant surprise, and you’ll definitely find the goosebumps you’re looking for. Here are 5 spooky Roblox games to jump into with your horror-fanatic buddies. 


Doors is an immensely popular Roblox game with a simple premise. The player sprints through different hotel rooms, unlocking doors along the way. The first-person horror experience has an end objective of reaching door 100. 

Doors has a simple, yet scary premise.

Doors has a simple, yet scary premise.

However, that is no easy task. You’ll be met with several spooky antagonists along the way looking to put an end to your run. These entities can harm or even kill the player. Trial-and-error is a huge part of the fun, so it’s best to go in blind on how exactly to survive. 


Stuck inside endless rooms, Apeirophobia is a frightening puzzle game. Inspired by the urban legend backrooms, the player must attempt to escape a spooky realm by completing various tasks. Each level is unique. Some are safe with few spooks while some a riddled with hostile entities. Part of the fun is figuring out how to deal with these and survive until the final level. 

Apeirophobia has scary enemies to face.

Apeirophobia has scary enemies to face.

This Roblox game offers a truly unsettling experience. No doubt you’ll be on the edge of your seat with this one. 

Murder Mystery 2

Murder mysteries are certainly a fun genre of game, and Murder Mystery 2 is no exception. The game involves twelve players – one murderer, one sheriff and ten innocents. The goal is for the murderer to successfully kill the innocents, while the sheriff works to protect them. 

Seeking out innocents is nail-biting, and patiently waiting for the murderer to turn the corner can be incredibly suspenseful. You’ll certainly get your fill of keyed-up jitters. 


A more goofy take on the survival genre is Evade. The goal of the game is to fulfill tasks while attempting to dodge “Nextbots,” or noisy PNGs that will pursue you around the map. You will hear a loud audible approach if a Nextbot is nearby or approaching you, and your screen will turn faded red. These enemies are usually popular memes, such as Peter Griffin or a troll face. 

Evade features a spooky atmosphere to play in.

Evade features a spooky atmosphere to play in.

While the enemies are meant to be silly, attempting to dodge them is still something from a horror movie. Disturbing flashing lights, loud noises and the unsettling atmosphere contribute to this frightening aspect of the game. Working together with your friends to evade the enemy and win the game can make your heart race, but it’s a highly recommended experience if you’re up for a good time.


The Mimic is a survival horror Roblox game. The player battles 10 distinct creatures in the game’s chapters, which are referred to as books. They are inspired by Japanese history and urban legends. Rebirth, Jealousy, Rage, and Control make up the four books in total.

The player’s objective is to try to survive, escape and avoid getting killed. For those who can put on a brave face and affront the jump-scares galore, Mimic is a great Roblox horror game to pick up. 

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